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Here ink, the key word is industrialization. Implement a real strategy to engage your most satisfied customers with your services and products. Organize things by creating a  weekly  list of customers to call. Structure your call in 3 steps: Remind them  how much you’ve helped them over the past year, referring Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List to problems you’ve solved for them or results you’ve achieved. Ask them if they have people they know who might need your help because you need to fill your pipeline for the next quarter . Ask them to put you in touch with these people by email. The recommendation is one of the main levers of modern sales, because it highlights the trust you have created with your customer.

Tactic Lost Opportunities As a salesperson, we tend to neglect old opportunities, those that we tried to close last year, but which did not come to fruition.  It’s a natural phenomenon: no one wants to rub the knife in the payroll and come back to what may have been experienced as a failure. We prefer to look ahead  and move on. It is a mistake ! You have already spent a lot of time chatting with these people and nothing has happened. But, over the past year, things have undoubtedly changed. The service provider chosen at the time was not satisfactory, the manager has retired, or the company has grown and has new needs. There are many good reasons to resume discussions.

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In these lost opportunities, I can guarantee you that there is gold in the bar! These people know you, you know them, and you probably managed to build trust, even if for some reason you didn’t win the deal. You yourself have undoubtedly progressed since this first opportunity. Again, the tactic is to industrialize things. In your list of leads to call, integrate the lost opportunities of the past year, and add to your daily tasks the reminder of these contacts. Conclusion These three tips are probably not revolutionary, but still too few salespeople practice them diligently. This is where the success of these approaches lies, which are really easy to implement.


It is a question of systematizing them, of creating simple tools to be sure of implementing them every day of the week, every week of the year. If you are looking for other tips to generate more leads and more qualified opportunities, I invite you to watch (or review) this webinar on the subject! At Nile we often have to struggle to convince our clients in the industry of the importance of a blog when it comes to implementing a web marketing strategy. Business leaders are often intrigued, if not skeptical, about the direct benefits of blogging in the industry. What is the interest of an industrial blog?

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In fact, most of the time they think it won’t work for them, because in the industry things don’t ” work that way “. I could highlight the interest of a blog when it comes to asserting your expertise or improving the natural referencing of your website – in short, anything that attracts prospects, leads and customers. – nothing helps: they fail to see the added value that a blog brings. This is even more true when the competitors have not yet started: “ if they don’t do it, it must not work. Yet it works! Keeping an industry blog is one of the most effective ways to increase your.

Positioning in search results and generate more qualified traffic to your site. Blogging in the industry: it REALLY works! We blog today for ALL of our clients. Blogging in the industry: why does it work? Our client AXXAIR designs ,   manufactures and distributes orbital tube working machines. After several years of blogging, the results are clear. Today , the blog represents more than 75% of the manufacturer’s total traffic, and plays an important role in this attraction of new visitors, by allowing Axxair to be positioned optimally on search engines and above all to attract qualified leads! Keeping a blog in the industry.

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