The track of brand growth memory – the future of the e-commerce era

To become a brand, the first thing is to be seen

For a consumer product brand, hundreds of millions of investment in marketing and promotion are necessary, and being seen (or heard) determines the brand’s first impression on consumers. The elements include the choice of media (the choice of touch points), time (timing), Frequency (frequency), content, etc.

Every time the brand information you can see aside from chance, the core rule is that the brand has purchased the right media, at the right time or space, at the right frequency, with the right message in your eyes or ears. A needle to bring this new brand to your attention.

To let you notice, that is, to be seen, this is already the result of a big wave. In fact, a considerable number of brands have purchased the wrong media. The money, the Albania Phone Number realization of the sublimation and take-off of the show.

2. Once you meet each other, you need to leave an impression on the memory

There is a difference between being remembered and being seen. Being seen is the effective transmission of brand information to the eyes and ears of consumers, while being remembered is that consumers associate these information with brands and products to form reflective memories.

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What determines what can be remembered?

Whether the information conveyed by the brand through media, terminals and interpersonal communication makes consumers feel needed (including material and spiritual), makes consumers want to try, or imagines that life may be better because of this.

Being remembered is not necessarily good, and the negative impression of the brand is also easy to be remembered. Such as the kind of simple and rude advertisements that are brainwashed. For example. Some negative news about the brand is also easy to be remembered. In this way, let people remember first. Try to use it first, otherwise the best products will be made in vain, and some people say that although a considerable number of people remember the brand. They are disgusted and will never use it, or hold it back. If you have a negative view. Try it out, but you are already wearing tinted glasses, so the requirements for products are particularly harsh. And ordinary and mediocre products will die once they are used.


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