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Or a colleague is at your desk and you suddenly Pakistan Phone Number spend half an hour on a page, without saying anything about how you rate that page. It pollutes the numbers. Although not foolproof either, CMI advises Pakistan Phone Number to measure the scroll depth, for example with heatmaps via Hotjar or via plugins. How far a reader reads your article says something about their involvement with the piece.

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Keep It Simple

It’s a good sign if people read your Pakistan Phone Number entire article. Error 3. Measuring shares instead of comments and backlinks It’s a good sign when people share your content, right? Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be much connection between the articles people read and what they share. For example, many divisors only read the title. Of course, the number of shares is good for the reach Pakistan Phone Number of your content. But you can’t use it as the only metric to measure whether your content is a success.

Look For Synonyms

Sharing is also very easy, it requires Pakistan Phone Number little involvement. Instead, it is better to measure whether comments are posted. We see a declining trend when it comes to reactions to the content. This is in line with the trend that news content is discussed less often via public social media and more via private channels. So if your article gets a response, that’s a good sign. Backlinks also say something Pakistan Phone Number about the quality of your article. Someone links to your article if he or she finds it valuable and uses it as a source, for example.


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