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California is probably a friendly region, as an Estonia Phone Number whopping 23% of passers-by completed the survey. The second group of employees was give a different assignment by Cialdini and his colleague. They also asked passers-by to complete the survey but had to clearly Estonia Phone Number indicate that answering the questions would take an hour(!). You understand: the passers-by did not cooperate. But when the employees immediately asked them if they want to fill in a questionnaire of ‘only’ fifteen minutes .

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The same request in a different Estonia Phone Number guise Czech Republic Phone Number thus yielded almost twice as many respondents. Concessions How can this be? This is easily explain by the reciprocity principle. In contrast to the first group, the second group of employees makes a concession. After their best offer (the one-hour questionnaire), they immediately make a ‘smaller’ offer to passers-by (the fifteen-minute questionnaire). By Estonia Phone Number doing so, passers-by Czech Republic Phone Number automatically feel a certain pressure to make a reciprocal concession.

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By completing the ‘shorter’ questionnaire, the Estonia Phone Number were no longer indebted to the employees.  Always make sure that you can offer people multiple options. Therefore, always make sure that you can offer Czech Republic Phone Number people multiple options if you want to convince them. Open with your best option and keep some alternative options Estonia Phone Number on hand. Don’t overdo that number; with five or more alternative options, people often decide not to   choose at all because of choice stress.


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