Future-Proofing Video Workflows: The Secret to Making 10X More Videos

We’ve all heard the statistic that by 2021, video . Will account for 82% of internet traffic. It has become the protagonist of every . Social media and digital marketing channel and is. Becoming more and more important to almost. Every department across the South Korea WhatsApp Number List that video outperforms everything else. The main challenge for brands is how to produce more videos. At high quality without breaking the bank. As we get closer to 2021, it’s becoming increasingly . Clear how brands scale their video strategies to stay. Relevant and capture audiences’ attention will be. The difference between business growth and complete obscurity.


How you design your video workflow will be the key to your success.

Why is your video workflow critical? As your business (and audience) demands more. Video content, your traditional workflow becomes . Incapable of producing the video quality and quantity required. Simple tweaks to video workflows will. Begin to address the new complexities and stakeholders. That comes with producing more content, in a. Way South Korea WhatsApp Number List performance as. You scale. So follow these five guidelines to start validating . The future of your workflow and adding to the success that scaling yours. Video strategy will bring your company.

1. Get support: think big, start small, scale fast


Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at Brand Storytelling. It’s about finding a story that resonates with your audience, where your audience is the hero and your brand is just a big player in the story. To prove it, here’s just one example — a sweet ad about a relationship that Google happens to play in. You can tell your story using text, infographics, slideshows, or other formats. Most content marketing consists of written words. With over 2 million daily South Korea WhatsApp Number List.com alone (seriously, check out this counter), you need to be able to stand out from the crowd not only. According to this article from Time Magazine, each blog post only grabs an average person’s attention for about 15 seconds.

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