The rookie and the crybaby who hide in the bathhouse

Baseball is the national game in the minds of Taiwanese. When it comes to baseball, many people will think of several classic battles of the Chinese team in international competitions. Only after a few stages of training can you stand on the stage and shine. Although this road is very difficult, there are still many people who grit their teeth and endure it, because the gains brought by team life are definitely not only achievements, but also many invisible growths. For them, a life nourished by baseball can last forever.

The growth brought about by team life is far more important

than you think Baseball is a team sport. If you want to win, you must rely on the cooperation of all Portugal Phone Number members. Therefore, discipline is very important. Just like a school has school rules, mistakes will be punished. Many  they are not used to it when they first enter the team, and it will take some time to adapt. I remembered one time when I went to the East to watch a game, and I happened to chat with a junior baseball coach about this interesting thing. He said that the team would gather after bathing and before going to bed. There are 20 people on the team, but no matter how you count it, there are only 19 Xiaopingtou, just after the coach finished calling his name, a child suddenly shouted, ”

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XXX is taking a bath!” So 4 or 5 children rushed to the

bathroom to look for it, only to find that the new child was wearim in the competition. He was actually a head taller than me, and he was already in the sixth grade. The captain of the team, seeing him speak to his younger brother, made me want to cry. It turned out that the training the team gave him can make a person from nothing to become a leader, which is really amazing! IMG_8468 Photo Credit: The dots on the scoreboard Through life on the baseball team, children learn to live independently and become more mature. After joining the tea

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