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Like many things in business – and especially when it comes to software and technology – if the motivation to deploy is simply the excitement of having a new tool, there’s not much point. . In fact, many businesses can substantially increase revenue and marketing and sales efficiency by incorporating automated marketing strategies. At Nile, we have clearly identified the key factors that allow companies like Modec to increase their number of leads by 400% in a few weeks. A clear understanding of your prospects’ business model and how your products and services can help your prospect; A real empathy and a strong desire to question your contacts to learn more about their buying journey.

Strong involvement in rigorously understanding the complexities of the purchasing process in all its dimensions. Progressive profiling allows marketing teams to gradually Panama Phone Number List acquire information about a prospect throughout their buying journey. This profiling is a critical element in the industry where the sales process is complex. Typically, a prospect will not hesitate to provide a certain amount of information in exchange for the resources that you will put at their disposal to help them solve their problem. First name, last name, email, telephone are all information that can be obtained quite easily in exchange for quality and useful content. But aside from allowing you to search for the person on.

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LinkedIn , this information isn’t very helpful in knowing exactly what the prospect needs. What could be useful to you are information such as: the sector, the function, the department of the person, the size of the company, details such as the address, or the mobile number. But asking for this information from the first contact and all at once risks stopping your prospect who will abandon your form. On the other hand, imagine if you could automatically progressively poll your prospect over these various visits and interactions on your website (one of the  HubSpot marketing automation  platforms , offers “ queued progressive fields.


These are the questions that will allow you to progressively segment your prospect lists and therefore provide truly personalized information along the path to purchase. Once the visitor to your site has previously completed one of your forms, you can, for example, display their name on the pages of your website (see example with the first name, below). This is an even more important subject than the personalization of the information you offer to your prospects along their path to purchase. In complex, global, competitive and rapidly changing markets, industrial marketing has the responsibility to create, to “nurture” thousands, even tens of thousands of leads very early in their buying journey.

Do Not Hesitate To Be Accompanied By An Inbound

Sales reps can’t do that. Besides, even if they could, prospects just do n’t want to chat with them at this stage. On Saturday morning on their tablet or after a late meeting. Buyers themselves choose the solutions that are appropriate for solving their problem. And this requires solutions that help gradually build the relationship of trust with the prospect. To learn more about the complexity of today’s industrial. Markets and understand how to effectively structure a winning marketing strategy. With the right tools, download our B2B marketing guide for industry. Do you dream of inbound but haven’t yet dared to take the plunge?

Here are 5 reasons why industries should not wait any longer to  switch to inbound marketing and improve their results! Perhaps the simplest and most obvious. Our good old traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore. All the studies say so, consumers are tired, buyers are tired of being solicited for no reason. And your results don’t improve. Inbound, on the other hand, has the advantage of adapting and sticking to the concerns of your buyers. You will no longer be perceived as an inconvenience but as a useful service rendered to them… Rather a good reason, isn’t it? Alignment between your marketing and sales teams is at the heart of  inbound marketing strategy in the industry .

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