the point of view of the recipient

The least important, although on many occasions the supports occupy an elementary function as we will see later. In advertisements we will rarely find innocent messages or casual ways of expressing them. Everything Paraguay Phone Number has a reason or an incentive: to capture the attention of the receiver. Every day we receive endless “advertising impacts”. Consequently: – from the point of view of the recipient (user): we must be prepared to assimilate them and be attentive to what they sell us and in permanent suspicion. – from the point of view of the issuer (advertiser): we must know the acquisition tools that we can use and stand out from the rest.

Graphic design is

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A broader concept intended to transmit specific messages to expose them (or not) in advertising designs later. Let’s highlight some of the most recurrent elements by advertisers to capture the attention of the recipient: the humor: it is evident that humor arouses our attention and interest. This wake-up call by the advertiser will voluntarily or involuntarily make us familiar with, remember or know the product. Source: you have to have a lot of ingenuity to wake up a smile.


Made through photo retouching programs are always a great ally for the advertiser. The results can be magnificent. Source: l the sex: sex is a very strong attraction tool and, without a doubt, the most used of all. Without going any further, the sexual and erotic charge contained mainly in television commercials when announcing perfumes is impressive. This advertising works and advertisers know it very well. This method is one of the most recurrent, but also the.

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