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ush notifications are used to send short messages, on the user’s desktop or on their smartphone, which, when clicked, take us to a web page. What more could you ask for to simply let your audience know about your latest blog post, or any other new information on your site? They can be incredibly effective in combination with a monthly newsletter . For example: while you summarize your latest posts once a month in your newsletter, you can send a notification to every new major article you publish or every new thing on your site, in real time. To avoid becoming intrusive, notifications should be used sparingly, according to rules similar to those of a newsletter (frequency of sending, relevance of the information offered, quality of the presentation).

So do not send false notifications to your subscribers, otherwise they risk unsubscribing. It will get your readers to engage with your site. Yes, a plug-in can do that, it’s a Bahamas Phone Numbers List  Content Locker. It will be a very effective tool. In your social media strategy simply by conditioning access to part of the content to proof of engagement (a like, a share, an email address, etc.), that is to say that your reader must give you a counterpart to read more. If the user is sure to find a complete answer to their question, they will click without too much difficulty and return of their own accord. social content locker. How to use a content locker without harming your readers Let’s be honest, in use these.

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Content Lockers annoy us and make us bitch. When we run into it and they ask us to share an article even before reading it, what a frustration! Quite simply because it implies a commitment and like everyone else, we only share when the content is of quality and that we have been able to appreciate this quality. Sharing blindly is costing us and that is quite normal. The goal is not to scare your readership away but to engage them, the “all blocked” method is not necessarily the method to follow. Prefer a more sparing use of these Content Lockers. If your site receives 10 visits per day, above all, do not block its content.


What a strategic error that would be! Instead, leave most of your site free and choose an ultimate resource, access to which you will condition in exchange for a like, for example. Generally speaking, be generous in this give-and-take system and it will prove to be a win-win situation. Do not block an entire article, but only a part. Or the end of a text or a paragraph, or a video, or some more information… That will be more than enough and if your readers have been convinced by the first part of your page, they will desperately and passionately want to know the end. So it’s up to you to bring this blocked part.

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Make your article a Teaser that offers relevant information and naturally keep for the hidden part, the information in addition, the one that makes the difference, the icing on the pompom! How do these content lockers work? Very easy to use, you just have to download then install the desired plug-in on your WordPress site. From there, a new small icon will appear on your page, it will allow you to. That you will integrate into your page. A shortcode of a content locker. Don’t worry, these WordPress plugins don’t block SEO since. Your content remains accessible to search engine bots.

And yes, they remember visitors who have already unblocked content. Thanks to cookies) and they don’t ask them to like your pages again and again. Some Content Lockers even allow you to limit to one action per user. That is to say that 1 like or 1 share will unlock all the other accesses to them. A way not to disgust your visitor. In summary : Our paid selection. Our free selection. Our favorite. Our paid selection Bloom e-mail and opt-ins bloom Downloadable from Elegant. Theme, it will cost you a minimum of $ 69 per year but for this amount, you will have. Access to the entire suite of Elegant. Theme tools (publication tool, sharing tool, maintenance tool, etc.).

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