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As part of the campaign’s  dissemination strategy. The Senegal Phone Number energy company successfully incorporated the game ‘for a like this. In conclusion, You’ll see how you come back’ into its social networks . In this way.  They opted for means and channels of communication that would allow explaining the mechanics in an Senegal Phone Number environment. Social networks. In which the client is relaxed. But attentive. Actively participating in something to be able to assimilate the information. They decided to develop the game to create this environment. To generate memories of the christmas campaign more easily and give prominence to the Senegal Phone Number theme of the promotion and the gift.

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A and refueling have little or nothing to do with Senegal Phone Number each other. But as we said at the beginning of this post. There are elements that facilitate the success of a campaign . And in the case of cepsa’s christmas promotion. In conclusion,  The and gasoline were. In conclusion,  Cepsa chose a prize. Senegal phone number Free gasoline. In conclusion,  That interested its target audience . Who was probably also interested in its loyalty program . Which allows Senegal phone number them to get discounts and gifts for refueling. And she turned the traditional “game” of the roscón.  The creativity of the contest linked perfectly with that developed for the christmas campaign in other media. And in which the visual was a roscón broken into pieces.

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Where the hands of a family reach out to take their Senegal Phone Number portion. The dynamics cepsa christmas campaign in a very christmassy atmosphere. Cepsa’s client or potential client only had to access the company’s social network profiles. In conclusion,  There they would find the game ‘for a like that. You’ll see how you come back’. And. Once you accessed the site . Senegal phone number All that remained was to try your luck (up to three times) and choose a portion of the roscón. Those users who came up with a surprise entered the draw for a free year of fuel and other prizes of 50 euros of free fuel. In conclusion,  The game also served to make users. Potential Senegal Phone Number clients of the energy company interested in winning free gasoline. Aware of the christmas promotion and its mechanics.

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