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Behind each photo is an “author” who owns his photo and is protected by intellectual property rights (in France) or Copyright (USA and Commonwealth countries). In the event of non-compliance with this law, if the author asserts his right, it is up to the courts to decide by referring to the two Iran Phone Number List articles of the law on intellectual property. Any use, in whole or in part, of a work in defiance of the law is considered an offense. The penalties can reach a fine of 300,000 euros and 3 years’ imprisonment ¹ . In summary Be respectful of copyright and you will be fine.

Free image banks are increasingly richer and the photos offered are of high quality (respect their charter of use). By devoting time to it, you will be able to find images that match your texts and that will best contribute to your brand image. Did this list help you in your research? Share it to benefit others! Holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter and the important events of the year (blackfriday, halloween, sales) are key times to increase sales. Do not miss these dates as an e-merchant. Send promotional codes to relaunch cart abandonment. Many people abandon their shopping cart and ultimately don’t buy. Send reminders with promotions and an exact expiration date to maximize returns.

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Flash selling is a good strategy to increase conversions. Send an emailing a few days before the start of the sale to announce the event. In e-commerce, emailing is an excellent way to attract visitors to your store and maximize conversions. This strategy must transform the recipients’ interest in its brand into sales, but also maintain a close and strong relationship with them. In a digital strategy for business, an emailing solution allows prospects to initiate a first purchase, to welcome new customers, to introduce them to the universe of your brand, as well as to reward and engage your old ones This is why it is so important to use it! Do not hesitate to embark on this adventure.


Starting a website is similar to opening a second store. Will you open the doors of your brand without prior promotion? No ! This is why you have “Introductory Offers” when opening a store. You also need to advertise your website, offline and online. How do you plan to get people to come to your site? Are you going to hire an SEO company or a social media manager? Or will you use paid ads like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to get people to your site? It all costs money. The good news is that these costs can be calculated precisely upstream of the project.

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Opportunity cost The opportunity cost is one of the most difficult costs to anticipate when pricing your site. The only way to measure impact is through experience or imagination. Think about the amount of additional income you could have generated if you had worked with a better provider for your website. Understand the importance of the following criteria when contacting a web agency: Is your interlocutor trying to understand precisely your business objectives? If it doesn’t ask you enough questions to diagnose your situation and come up with concrete objectives, you risk ending up with a site that will be of no use to you once it goes online. Will he be able to meet the deadlines?

Every day that you go over the project schedule is a loss for your business. Will the site be technically efficient? A site that does not display optimally and quickly, especially on mobile devices, will cause you to lose visits and sales and will therefore cost you virtually more. At the end of the day, it’s not the cost of building your website, the return on investment, and the potential shortfall that matters. Face the hidden costs to evaluate your website project The only way to offset the hidden costs in pricing your website is to pay attention to it with your eyes wide open. They’ll happen anyway, and there’s not much you can do about them except plan them ahead.

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