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This affects how fair or just that person ultimately Bahrain Phone Number finds the outcome. A certain degree of involvement in a procedure is therefore important. 5. Influence The fifth and final building block for a Bahrain Phone Number lasting relationship is the extent to which the customer can influence the product and the process. Influence is especially relevant when it comes to services. Because in the case of services, production and consumption of the service take place simultaneously.

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The influence that a customer can exercise may Bahrain Phone Number relate to the specification of service, the execution of the service or the extent to which the customer can still exert influence afterward. In the first case, the customer can influence the creation of the product or service. In the travel industry, for example, a lot of influence means that the customer can Bahrain Phone Number put together his own trip completely.

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Low influence means that the customer has Bahrain Phone Number nothing to say about the choice of airline, destinations or hotel accommodation. If a customer can influence the performance of a service, he can still do so during the service process. This relates, for example, to the way in which there is contact between the organization and the customer.


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