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If you have previously carried out an advertising campaign on Facebook, the process will be very simple for you because you must follow the same steps, the only difference is that, in the locations, specifically on the platform, you will only have to leave Instagram marked. 3. Create the ad set Before creating the ad you will need to give the ad set a name. Once you have given it a name, you can select the objective, define the segmentation, choose the location of the ads, the budget and the calendar. Select your goal From the Facebook ads manager you can choose from a large number of objectives, although you should keep in mind that not all Facebook objectives are compatible with Instagram Stories ads, such as interaction or catalog sales.

Here are all the ad objectives you can set for your News Feed ad: select-target-instagram-ads Define the type of segmentation You can select the type of segmentation in two ways: automatic and manual. Automatic – Instagram can target using a lookalike audience based on a source audience, such as your profile followers. Manual : the segmentation is done by yourself. You select your audience taking into account demographic data, geography, interests, interaction with your website… Define-audience-instagram-ads Choose the placement of the ads on Instagram It is time to select the placement of the ads on

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Instagram, that is, where you want these ads to appear. Device : on which device you want the ad to appear; mobile or computer. We recommend that you select only mobile UK phone number as it is the most used device. Device-ads-instagram-select Platform : You will have to check only the Instagram platform so that the ad only appears on that platform. Feed or Stories : this option will appear when you select the platform. Ads in Feed and Stories require different layouts. Keep this in mind when making designs! Advertising-instagram-choose-locations Choose the budget and the calendar You can choose between two types of budget: the daily budget and the total budget. Daily budget : it is . It allows you to select a start date and an end date.

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Total Budget – Total budget for the ad set with a duration that you set in advance. You can select the hours and days you want your ads to run. 4. Set up your ad Once the budget and calendar have been defined, you have to configure the ad: image, video and text that your target audience will see. You will have two options: Set up a new ad. Select a post for your ad. After configuring the ad, select the ad format (image, video, carousel…), create the copy that will accompany the ad, put the destination URL, a CTA and… Voila! 5. Analyze the results and optimize your campaigns Sales don’t just happen by magic!

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Once the ad is configured, it is time to activate it, analyze it and optimize it. Analyzing the results of your ads is necessary and will help you to know if you are achieving the objectives set . It is the best way to know the impact of our campaigns, and if they are successful or not. In Instagram Ads, the indicators that should help us to know the success of our ads are the following: conversions, cost per investment, impressions, CPM, frequency, CTR, clicks, CPC and amount spent. These indicators will measure the effectiveness of the ads and help us make the best decisions to optimize campaigns and meet objectives. New call-to-action Ads directly from Instagram From Instagram it is possible to advertise easily and quickly. How?

Promoting an existing post within your Instagram profile . Please read the following steps carefully: You need to have a business profile on Instagram: Settings > Account > Switch to commercial enterprise account . Select the publish you want to promote and click “ Promote ” (underneath the picture). Select your goal. You can consist of a call to action like Buy or Register. Choose finances and time/duration of the ad and click on on “ Create Promotion ”. How a whole lot does Instagram marketing price?

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