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Then dare to give ‘unconditionally’. Two El Salvador Phone Number cats sleeping on the couch Online cat case. Major cat food companies made clever use of the power of reciprocity. They chose to create a complete advice tool for cat owners. As a result, they received free and personal advice El Salvador Phone Number about the best food for their best friend: knowledge as a gift! In addition, after the recommendation of the most suitable food, owners could immediately request a free sample (another gift).

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The generosity of the cat food El Salvador Phone Number manufacturer was, of course, more than repaid. When the company approached cat owners for Cyprus Mobile Number a follow-up order (just before the sample ran out), sales conversion increased by hundreds of percent. Motivate to action As I mentioned earlier in this article, you can also use the reciprocity El Salvador Phone Number principle to motivate Cyprus Mobile Number people to take a certain action. The following case quickly illustrates this. Everyone knows them: people who conduct surveys in the city on behalf of charitable organizations.

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Like me, you probably prefer to walk El Salvador Phone Number around such a group with a wide arc. A California insurance company Cyprus Mobile Number thought this was an interesting phenomenon. So they had Cialdini and a colleague conduct a study on it. In that study, they had the first group of employees of the insurance company ask passers-by to fill in a questionnaire. The employees explicitly indicated that answering all questions would take 15 minutes.

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