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Choosing the correct font for each type of project is as. Complicated as it is essential to get the tone right. Good typography can make the difference between good and bad work, especially when it comes to digital projects. The best way to get it right is to watch how those who already know how do it and try to imitate them. Searching for inspiration on the internet thousands of times we come across websites that use wonderful fonts that we would love to be able to use in our own projects, but how do we know what typeface it is very easy, with fontface ninja .

Fontface ninja the plugin to identify fonts 1 fontface ninja is an extension that can be installed in firefox, google chrome and safari and that allows you to find out the fonts used in any web page as long as they are not part of an image.


At the Intersection of Art and Technology.

The process is as simple as clicking on the image manipulation service little ninja that will be placed as an icon in the browser interface and moving the cursor over the word whose font you want to know. Silent, stealthy and without leaving a trace, fontface ninja shows, in addition to the font, the size, the vertical scale and the horizontal scale used in each case. Fontface ninja the plugin to identify fonts 3 fontface ninja the plugin to identify fonts 4 the mask mode allows you to dispense with the images of the site and shows only the texts, thus avoiding distractions when it comes to finding the perfect typography. In addition, the plugin itself indicates where to purchase the fonts, as it is linked to google font, font squirrel and other independent font foundries.

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These Cider Packaging Designs Are the Apple of Our Eye.

Do you know other tools besides fontface ninja to BO Directory recognize fonts. Proximity describes the spatial relationship between. Objects in terms of whether they are close to or far away from one another. Specifically, the gestalt principle of proximity states that objects that are near. Each form a collective group even if they do not come into direct contact. This principle holds regardless of whether the proximal objects differ. In a variety of other ways such as size, color and shape.

A classic example is words on a page we understand letters to form a. Distinct group, I. E. A word, when a space separates them from other groupings of letters. Abstract representation of the gestalt principle of. Proximity the gestalt principle of proximity states that we perceive objects as part. Of a group when they are physically close to one another. Minimalist poster design for a movie proximity allows designer machinadesign to organize text and copy. In separate groups for visual hierarchy.

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