The increase in the growth of the processing section in the Zelenograd

Therefore More than doubled the number. Of expenses needed to water the waste tank in Zelenograd. During the last year since the beginning. Of the beginning of the program of the assembly in Moscow. But the increase was confirmed until August. And then stopped. The increase in Therefore the growth of the processing section in the Therefore Zelenograd. However waste was changed to a stop. Results of the first year of the waste program schedule Therefore This follows MSK-NT data on the number of mixed waste grey tanks and recycling blue.


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Waste collected during the year remains stable – on average tons fall into the water tank every month. However, the portion of the waste in the Italy Phone Number tank for recovery, which is sent on schedule, has increased significantly. If in January it was only 800 tons  then in December – 1200 tons . At the same time, the quality of recycling remains sustainable of the amount of waste collected in the blue bins was recycled after construction. It seems that the separate collection is effective – growth in two and a half! However, the image does not stop the iris while looking at the dynamics of the moon.

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During the period of the year until August – this month collected a record 2100 tons (33%). And then – until December – there was no increase, the level of processing burned at two thousand tons. The increase in the growth Therefore However of the processing However section in the Zelenograd waste was changed to a stop. Results What caused the decline is unknown. Perhaps Therefore all residents, ready to develop waste under current conditions, are already However doing it, and the Therefore news is not found – there is no active campaign program last year, and rospotrebnadzor in general is offered to collect personal waste during the epidemic during the epidemic. Perhaps the increase in distribution of collected recycling prevents too many tanks.

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