The grievances between Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud Sweden Phone Number

Cloud is a novel metaphor for the network and the Sweden Phone Number Internet, but it is surprising that the cloud service technology represent by SaaS has appeared as early as the late 1990s. The technology appeare very early. But it was not until 2006 that Amazon launch the AWS service that the industry really realize the birth of the new IT service model of cloud service or cloud computing service.

After years of development, cloud service-relate technologies and services have become quite mature. However in the entire cloud service field. The market is relatively concentrate, and the Matthew effect is prominent. After 2016, the world market has been firmly rule by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud. Google Cloud, and IBM’s “Five Clouds”; China is temporarily in Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS, China Telecom Tianyi Cloud, Jinshan Under the shroud of the “five clouds”, the Chinese market is more dynamic, and there are more variables and possibilities.

International battlefield: Sino-US cloud giant confrontation

The pattern among the international giants in the Sweden Phone Number cloud service market is generally maintain when AWS has establish its first-mover advantage. And Microsoft, Google, and IBM are struggling to catch up. Currently  AWS has the biggest advantage in the international market. Accounting for more than 40% of the global public cloud market in 2018; Microsoft, which has been chasing after it, has a market share of around 10%; the biggest variable comes from domestic Alibaba Cloud. Whose market share is in In the first half of 2018, it surpasse IBM and rank third in the world. The main players in the entire cloud service market are from the United States and China.

The grievances between American players

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Among the world’s largest “five clouds”, AWS took the lead in launching cloud services in 2006 and became “the first person to eat crabs”. Google and IBM also end in 2008, but due to the large difference in their understanding of B-side business. IBM quickly capture the largest market share outside of AWS; on the other hand. Google for a long time, has been unable to clarify the cloud The development logic of computing has been playing soy sauce outside the battlefield. And according to Goldman Sachs estimates, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and Google account for about 56% of the core cloud computing market in 2018, and their share will reach 84% in 2019

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