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Talk about them so as not to frighten their clients. However, these unforeseen events are often inevitable and necessary for the project to be profitable and achieve its objectives. To better help you define a budget for your new site, we outline the 6 hidden costs to take into account when creating a website. Project monitoring Italy Phone Number List Not all web agencies involve their clients in the same way in their website creation process, but in any case, the service provider in charge of creating your website will always need your input. He will want to meet you (in person or via a tool like Skype) to expose you and validate with you the design, artistic direction and development of your site.

Who will supervise the realization? How much time will you personally invest to complete the project? Your time matters, and while it’s an indirect cost, it’s important that you factor it in when you factor in the hidden costs for budgeting your site. Either you pay someone to do it or you take some of your free time to work on your website. From the comparison of providers, to the delivery of the site, allow between fifteen and thirty hours of your time to monitor the progress of the project. Content writing Editorial content is the most important part of a website for two main reasons: They allow you to build storytelling around your brand, present the benefits of your offer to potential customers, captivate visitors, and ultimately generate sales or conversions.

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It is the texts of your site that allow search engines to understand the subject, to detect the keywords, and to reference your site. Writing content is a task sometimes taken lightly, but it is nevertheless fundamental. WEB WRITING IS A PROFESSION IN ITS OWN RIGHT, AND LIKE ANY PROFESSION, IT HAS TO BE PAID FOR. Can someone in your company write the texts correctly? Do you have the time to write blog posts or edit your page text as needed? If you do not write your content yourself, the service provider in charge of creating your site may offer to do it for you, or hire a professional writer to do this, and this will have a cost that it makes sense. to take into account before launching the project.


Count between 75 and 125 € per page for professional web writing. 5 key steps to writing a better homepage Overflows Will the project have a defined contract or are the project fees based on a time estimate which can and will change? In other words, what happens when your site is half-built and you hit your budget limit? There has never been a single project that has not found itself in this situation. Perhaps, you change your mind about the layout, or you decide you want to add other features. Every change takes time, and time …

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You have to plan for unforeseen costs, even if you are working with a well-defined contract and specifications. Normally, the set budget does not include work outside the scope of the initial agreement. Allow 20% more than the initial budget as a margin of error if your provider works at the hourly rate. Maintenance Maintenance is one of the biggest hidden costs in pricing your project. It’s like having children. Most parents would be delighted if the hospital delivery bill was the only fee ever spent on their children. But no! Over time, kids need clothes, music lessons, cars, and college.

As children grow older they need new things. Guess what ? As your business and website grows, it also requires maintenance. Someone needs to install updates, write new content and fix things that break, and protect the site from malicious attacks. Do you have someone in your business who can do this? All businesses should budget for web hosting and annual maintenance. Your website will require repairs, including a website redesign after about 5 years. Count between 600 and 1000 € per year for a showcase site of about fifteen pages. Web marketing The price of marketing adds another hidden cost to the project price of your site.

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