The Blog Posts Your Target Needs To Mature

This technique makes it possible, among other things, to compensate for the seller’s lack of hindsight, to recover from certain situations if the emotional commitment is too great, to identify points for improvement… This makes it possible to do a debrief at the end of an appointment. yourself to improve. Record yourself during your calls to be able to listen to yourself , analyze yourself, quickly understand the points for improvement. Like taking notes, this also allows you to keep an audio trace of the terms used by your interlocutor if you have missed a step. These last two points allow you to be efficient when writing your follow-up email at the end of the meeting. Indeed, this written record makes it possible to identify the expressions used by the prospect.

To use them in the exchanges, to include them in the commercial proposal which will be made (and more effective) and thus ensure that you sell services to the industry . What do a Kenya Phone Number List company that wants to generate leads, a company¬†that wants to work on its conversion funnel, and another that wants to increase its annual turnover have in common? The starting point for these different objectives is the optimization of their website. With your website, you can guide your leads throughout the buying process by answering their questions and producing specific content according to their expectations. If your site is not properly optimized, you will lose these visitors, they will never turn into leads or customers… Wouldn’t it be a shame not to exploit this potential of leads? Who says optimized website, says increased sales!

Implement A B2b Seo Strategy And Monitor It

Indeed, companies that have an ergonomic and structured website to generate leads, sell more products/services than those with a showcase site. Today, visitors are looking for an intuitive user experience and navigation. Your personas must be able to easily navigate your site, find the information they are looking for, and of course move forward in the conversion funnel in order to be converted into leads and then into customers. Your interface should be simple, consistent and concise. Recognition of your identity (your brand) is a key factor that will allow your leads to familiarize themselves with your business and make their first purchase more easily.


In my last email campaign, 51% of recipients opened the email. On a computer while the remaining 49% read it on a mobile . Knowing this, any website in the industry should be mobile-friendly to generate leads. A website that is easy to navigate is crucial. Simplify navigation in. Your main menu so they can find what they’re looking for without difficulty and give the user the best possible experience. A few elements are essential to include. Home, products/services, about us, our references , contact us and, of course. A blog that will highlight your expertise in the industry. Did you know that a website in the industry with an overly complicated. Tree structure can make you lose your visitors?

When Content Is Designed Around A Solid Keyword

Indeed, if a prospect arrives on your site after a specific. Google search for a particular product that will complete his range. He expects to find the answer to his question quickly. A website that is not completely optimized can force. The user to click up to 5-6 times in the menu or do several. Searches in the search section of your site before finding the desired product. Nothing worse in terms of navigation! Your potential customers will waste time, and they will leave your site before. They even find the answer to their question. This is called the bounce rate. According to the definition of Google Analytics.

The bounce rate is the percentage of Internet users who entered a web page and left the site afterwards. Without consulting other pages “. The objective of a website is to reduce this bounce rate and to keep visitors longer. On the site in order to convert them into customers . Not only do you have to produce quality content on your site and. Your blog (content adapted to your personas, with the right keywords, etc.) but also speak the same. Language as your targets: add images and videos .

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