The battle against the “epidemic” has been successful, and the corresponding hidden worries

We can learn from the past SARS and the experience of other countries that Taiwan has many. Things that are not yet fully prepared, including the grassroots medical network, and considering the aging society it will face in the future. Therefore, when the epidemic spreads and. The elements of an aging society are added, if the primary medical network breaks down, it will bring serious social impact. Today’s Taiwan needs to make further preparations for the next step from the control of epidemic infection. It brings together knowledge of humanities and social sciences across fields, and empowers all sectors of society to record the current experience of the epidemic, develop a dialogue field between the academic. Community and the public, and establish a mechanism to respond to social crises.

Thinking Directions for Preventive Policy

The “New Coronary Pneumonia Risk Management 1.0” of the Central Epidemic Command Center, through the control of infectious diseases and strict overseas management, keeps the new corona pneumonia virus from overseas, and it also serves as an example Morocco Phone Number for other countries. However, Taiwan needs to enter “Risk Governance 2.0″. In the face of the possible outbreak of community infections in the future, social panic and social Credit: Cooperates with the Smart Living Seniors Activity Community to Launch Physical. Courses and Shoot Teaching Videos, So. That More Grandparents Can Learn to Use Delivery Apps Co-Prosperity of the Orange Generation: the Second Spring of the Career After Retirement. The Mature Age Delivery Partner Program in Addition to Thinking from the Perspective of ”

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discrimination caused by Taiwan, whether in the social

and economic order or the closure of the city, must first do drills to prevent future A large-scale and community-based infection broke out. A platform spanning academic research, public policy and social care. Providing opportunities for cross-border exchanges in various fields, breaking the barriers between academia, practice and policy, and conducting in-depth and. Through delivery, but also reduces the infection risk of going out to purchase daily necessities, and enjoys a more relaxed and convenient life. Silver-haired people are also crazy to deliver! Joins hands with the smart living senior activity community to launch physical courses to teach grandpa and grandma photo


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