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Two types of mechanics: a giveaway on social networks (more specifically. On instagram); with dynamic code validation. We spoke with cristina carricajo. Social media strategist at grey Iceland phone number. The agency in charge of the pizzeria chain’s actions on social networks. She tells us the keys to the success of these and other domino’s pizza promotions on social media. In this case. The Iceland phone number this action to promote domino’s pizza’s new product: the american legends. Three pizzas with 100% american recipes. “we needed to do something very noticeable on social networks with a triple objective: that people know about these new pizzas. That users try them. And take advantage of this action to Iceland phone number our channels .” explains carricajo.

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Despite the fact that they had other ideas in mind. They opted for this proposal as they considered that it was the one that would best adapt to these objectives. Success story domino’s pizza the mechanics and the prize the action was very well received: 34.400 people participated in Iceland phone number the draw for comments on the instagram wall carried out by the brand through two Iceland phone number different publications. This translated into an increase of more than 16.000 new followers on the social network of the photographs. 334 winners would come out of this draw and a total of 1002 Iceland phone number (texas bbq crispy. Buffalo chicken and kansas pulled beef) would be distributed for free.

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The steps that the participants had Iceland phone number following: participate in the instagram giveaway. Register for the promotion through your instagram profile . If they were among the winners. They received their three codes to exchange for their pizzas. On the domino’s website Iceland phone number. They could add these promotional codes. By adding them. Their pizzas were completely free. Domino’s pizza success story according to grey’s social media strategist . The two main Iceland phone number through the action were “the good feedback from the followers and the great growth of the instagram channel”. On the other hand. The prize was “strategic” when launching the promotion.

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