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Generated in the bird’s social network. Below we are going to Kuwait Phone Number show you some relevant monitoring data. Just as we did last year. Index [ hide ] mentions of the inboundleaders account on twitter analysis of the hashtag inleaders18 tweet volume top Kuwait phone number 10 users with the most tweets inbound leaders hashtags 18 inleaders18 trending topic engagement type of tweets mentions of the inboundleaders account on twitter first. Let’s take a look at the event profile mentions on twitter. We verified that during the days of may 10 and 11 . A total of 501 tweets were Kuwait Phone Number published mentioning inboundleaders. Which were made by 145 different users.

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Inbound leaders 18  however. Which of the days was the Kuwait Phone Number inbound leaders account mentioned the most? Last year it was barcelona . On this occasion. Madrid wins with 285 mentions made on may 10 by 100 users. With a potential reach of 339k and a number of impressions Kuwait phone number of 1.1m. Let us remember the meaning of these two terms: potential reach is the total number of twitter users that a tweet or hashtag has been able to reach Kuwait phone number. That is. Who have been able to potentially view it. To calculate potential reach. Add the number of users who are mentioning your brand or who retweet a post on your profile the number of followers these users have.

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Potential impressions : it is the number of times that a publication Kuwait Phone Number could be displayed in the users’ feed during the monitored period of time and. Therefore. That it could potentially be viewed by these users. Remember that the same post can be viewed more than once Kuwait phone number by the same user. Also note that these posts may include your own tweets . Mentions of your profile. Or retweets of your content. Inbound leaders 18 inboundleaders account mentions on may 10 inbound leaders 18 inboundleaders account mentions on may 11 analysis of the hashtag inleaders18 next. We’ll Kuwait Phone Number take a look at the official event tag (inleaders18) . In this way. We can check the impact it has had on twitter and see what type of content is published or shared. Tweet volume inbound leaders 18 in total.

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