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Badges are available for business accounts and creator Vietnam Phone Number accounts on Instagram. It remains to be seen how this way of providing support to your favorite influencer (or entrepreneur) by paying directly will change the Vietnam Phone Number use of influencers. And how it may also cause influencers to become less dependent on collaborations with brands. 6. Paid online event.

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The option to create an event on Facebook Vietnam Phone Number is not new. And was extremely popular for a while to promote events. But now it is also possible to organize virtual or physical events for a fee. This allows you to use them in a different way. For example, you can make a certain live video paid for your Vietnam Phone Number followers as a separate item. Or you can directly give online lessons or workshops with a live video.

Not please, then what?

The unique thing about this is that the online Vietnam Phone Number events can be host directly on Facebook. For this reason, makers and companies no longer need to purchase their own webinar or livestream software, but can livestream directly via the platform. As a page or creator, you simply create an online event Vietnam Phone Number for this, just as you are used to. You can choose to have the event take place online on a Meta platform and also set a price that people have to pay to participate.


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