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It only takes a few minutes to install this application directly on your site either. By copying a single line of code or, For wordpress sites, by installing a plug-in . You will then see a small dialog window appear on Saudi Arabia Phone Number List your site that you can even customize. chat window Live chat increases responsiveness Tawk.to allows you to be there to assist your visitors in their research on your site. They can ask you a question directly and your responsiveness will make the difference compared to your competition. Live chat intensifies interactivity Thanks to tawk.to you place interaction in the journey of your prospects. You give them the opportunity to chat with. A personal assistant and get their question answered very quickly. This interactivity can help them make their decision in an act of purchase for example.

A Live chat saves you in proximity By using this Live Chat formula, you establish proximity with your prospects. Providing spontaneous, non-pre-recorded responses will show your audience that your business is human. This argument can make all the difference, and it can totally lead to the conversion of your prospect into a customer. With Tawk.to You will strengthen your brand image with your visitors. Their user experience will be improved and they will keep in mind a positive image of their visit to your site. Tawk.to requires that someone be available to respond to visitors. You can activate and deactivate this application as you wish according to your availability.

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The question to ask yourself: Who are your ideal clients? Define 4 buyer personas precisely: age, profession, hobbies, first name, CSP… The more specific you are, the easier it will be to understand where to find your customers and how to attract their attention. A memorable and meaningful name You shouldn’t be afraid of the crucial and strategic step in choosing a name. By having thought about your concept, your positioning and your target. You will find leads easily because in the end, your name must reflect these axes. Let us simply remember that the name is the primary communication medium for your brand. He must be : simple easy to understand short valid for years memorable.


For more information on choosing a brand name, read our article No! Finding a brand name doesn’t have to be a headache . Irresistible value propositions Why your brand rather than those of your competitors? It is by reading your Value Proposition (or USP) that the consumer will find the answer to this question. Your USPs clearly explain the benefits of choosing your brand over another. The same brand can present several USPs oriented towards different benefits. Logically, a USP corresponds to the expectations of your buyer personas.

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It is strong, precise, impactful, and above all, it is true. In the long term, it builds customer. Loyalty by creating a climate of trust (since your brand fulfills the promises it makes). It is therefore important to change this promise without changing its substance, as your product and your brand evolve. You must work your USP in several formats: 50, 20, 10 words. Each format can be used depending on the communication channel or the context. The slogan being the epitome of your value propositions. Among the recent emerging companies we can note Spotify.

The brand has established itself with a strong concept and engaging USPs. spotify-brand-image. Questions to ask yourself: What is the specificity of your product? What is its added value? What promises can you make to your customers? In addition to having a physical appearance (visual identity), it must have a personality and values. The choice of these values must. Be consistent with your offer but must also be able to. Be understood and adopted by your ideal client.

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