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If it is complicated to monitor everything that your employees communicate on social networks, you can still be vigilant. These charters, which are increasingly used in companies, are effective tools for securing the company, for prevention and for raising employee awareness. Of the 40,000 French SMEs that exhibit each year in France, 33% devote more than half of the marketing budget. This is a major item of expenditure that should be optimized in order to ensure the company results in terms of sales and marketing that meet the objectives set. During trade shows , social networks provide an overview of what is happening in the aisles of the show, what is being said at conferences or even innovations not to be missed on the stands.

Here are 4 tips to follow to communicate during a B2B exhibition on social networks. In the industry, it is important to work on an employee advocacy strategy and Malta Phone Number List not just when you attend a trade show. Your sales reps will be your company’s best ambassadors , and will share posts from your Company page on their own initiative, provided they respect a few principles. If this is not yet the case, it is essential to have a Company page on LinkedIn because today 66% of manufacturers use LinkedIn (ahead of Facebook). Yet your success on LinkedIn lies in the success of your employees. The social network promotes interactions between professionals and the reach is multiplied when it comes to individual profiles (compared to Company pages).

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Take advantage of your trade show to encourage your employees to mention their participation (and therefore that of the company). A salesperson sharing a photo of their company’s booth will always have more impact than the equivalent on the Company Page. In some industrial companies, employees are rewarded according to their activity on social networks, the number of shares, articles offered… Indeed, a gamification system can emulate teams at a trade show, encouraging them to post videos, photos, etc. This approach allows you to quantitatively but also qualitatively increase your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. According to a study conducted by.


LinkedIn, Internet users share professional content on their networks for. At least three reasons: Just as you favor product demonstrations on your stand to attract traffic. It is recommended to use video for your social networks. One of the prejudices that persist the most is that making video is expensive. No, the video is not expensive, provided you have a phone that films. And it is certainly the most expensive smartphone! No need to invest in filmmaker equipment. All you need is a phone, a lapel microphone (or two) and a boom with stabilizer to film on the move. It remains to consider your video editing software and your automatic captioning solution.

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Do not hesitate to relay the news of the show on your own marketing. Channels by positioning yourself as an expert. LinkedIn (including on the Company Page which now has the functionality), on. Twitter (in extracts of a few minutes) and on Facebook or Google (live for example). To build an effective marketing strategy. Oon the occasion of your participation in an upcoming trade show. We recommend that you read this guide : Over the past three years. We’ve seen an explosion of inbound marketing strategies and with them. Downloadable content. However, an increasing number of professionals are no longer placing their best content. Behind a form to leave it for free consultation.

The high value-added content of white papers represents a significant impact on natural referencing. SEO with the arrival of topic clusters . Indeed, to carry out your “pillar content” strategy, you need enough content to prove your legitimacy on. The subject to Google. This leads many companies to unlock their white papers to feed blog articles to feed their so-called “pillar” page. Some industrial SMEs are in the process of overhauling. Their marketing strategy and are just beginning to build landing. Pages including forms to place content (white papers, guides, infographics, webinars, etc.).

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