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There is therefore a good chance that you UK Phone Number will use multiple channels to reach the different groups of colleagues. To determine which channels are the most suitable, first ask yourself these three questions: Which channels have you used for internal communication so far? Which channels do you have access to, but are not using yet? Are there channels in between that you were not aware UK Phone Number of? Now that you have a good view of the channels that you can use, you can make a choice. Colleagues who work close to the organization, for example, are less known on the intranet.

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It is therefore better to email them. It is better to invite colleagues who are very involved in what you are communicating about to a meeting. Also read.  The recipe for appealing internal communication: fun, connecting & sharing knowledge Once you’ve picked the perfect channels, start looking at the tools. Email is a channel, but you need the Hubspot tool, for example, to be able to email. Check which data you can measure with the tools. To measure is to know Now that you know who you are going to approach, you can start thinking about what you actually want to measure.

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When was your internal communication UK Phone Number campaign successful? What data do you need to measure that? A Delphi study has introduced measurement standards for internal communication. You can use this as inspiration to determine what you want to measure. Measurement standards for internal communication Photo of the book ‘Communicating Change: Transforming Internal blabla into digital aHa’ Outtakes: These are some abstract concepts and say something about how your target audience reacts to your message. Outcomes: These concepts are based on what behavioral change you want to facilitate with your communication.


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