Step By Step Plan For Choosing

A world of data possibilities is open to you Uganda Phone Number for this. In addition to Google itself, many websites and companies offer data sources to link to your advertisements. Think of specific website pages, but also data sources such as income, profession, search behavior or income. This makes it possible to reach very specific target groups on relevant Uganda Phone Number websites. This also applies to programs if you want more focus on, for example, video or digital radio.

Choosing And Rolling Out

Think of video ads on Broadcast Missed programs Uganda Phone Number or digital radio ads on SlamFM or Veronica. Data-driven targeting Data-driven targeting For the sake of convenience, in this article. I focus on targeting the available data sources within Google. The advantage of this is that you can select all insights from your Google Analytics account. Video and sometimes even audio campaigns.

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Inventory Data Sources

This model assigns all conversion value to the last channel that the online consumer comes into contact with before making the purchase. Last-click attribution example Last-click attribution example The moment you choose a multi-touch attribution model, not all value is assigned to 1 channel (such as SEA).

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