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In this case, it has a meaning directly related to your text. 2 / Your visual is useful for your writing. It saves you from laboriously explaining a complicated idea. It is educational and therefore summarizes in 1 image an idea that would be more complicated to convey in writing. 3 / Your visual supports your point. As a sort of proof of what you are explaining, it will act as a “Red Label” for your text. Writing for the web can be learned and worked on While this article gives you all the basics to get there, you’ll need application and practice to produce content that will captivate your visitors from A to Z. To start smoothly, focus on the backbone of your pages: the titles.

Was released on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, and among the lot of new features brought by this update, There is one that is particularly likely to be talked about from her: Divi Leads Albania Phone Number List Split Tests . The most effective marketing  tools for analyzing  and improving your website’s conversion rate have until now only been available as third-party software or, at best, as WordPress plugins. In both cases, the cost of these tools was not negligible and it took a solid knowledge of web marketing to be able to use them effectively. ElegantThemes (affiliate link), the developer of the Divi theme , has revolutionized all this with the latest version of its flagship theme and its integrated “Divi Leads Split Tests” module. But before giving an overview of this new feature, a little reminder …

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How to improve your conversion rate thanks to Split Tests? Splits Tests, sometimes called A / B tests, are one of those essential web marketing methods. Appeared in 2004, split tests have established themselves as one of the most reliable means of increasing conversions and sales of a website. Many startups, which today are worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, have grown by offering only split testing solutions at the start. The principle of the Split test is simple: a web page is divided into two versions and compares the results obtained in terms of conversions. What is fundamental here is to test only one element at a time.


For example: you have set up a landing page where visitors can download an ebook in exchange for their email address. Of all the visitors who come to this page, you observe that only 3% of them end up giving their email address and downloading your ebook. Obviously, you would like to improve this conversion rate , but you don’t know what you could change to achieve it. This is where split testing comes into play: you will create a variation of your landing page, in which you will modify a single element, for example the size of the title, or the color of the registration button, and you will temporarily orient yourself your visitors to this alternative version of your landing page.

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Finally, you will compare the conversion rate of this page to that of the original page. To draw a conclusion on the best performing version. You can thus test everything on a web page, and arriv. At the perfect version, the one that converts the most. Do you do splits tests on your website to improve your conversion rates?CLICK TO TWEET The only downside so far is that split tests can. Be difficult to set up when you don’t have solid web marketing skills. But Elegant Themes provides a solution to this difficulty, and is considering democratizing Split Tests with Divi Leads …

Divi Leads Split Tests, a powerful web marketing tool integrated into. WordPress “Divi Leads Split Tests” almost completely eclipses the other new features. Of version 2.7 of Divi , such a major upheaval in the world of WordPress themes. Split Testing for everyone, and free, could well become a major trend in WordPress themes in the coming months. The principle of Divi Leads is simple: define several version of an element of your site. Or of a page indicate the indicator to improve, for example the conversion rate. Divi Leads will then tell you which version of the item or page gets the best results.

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