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In this case, you see that a substantial Bulgaria Phone Number share of the traffic comes from desktop. But mobile also contributes quite a bit (16%). Mobile should therefore certainly not be forgott. Certainly not now that a well-optimized site is becoming more and more valuable. In 2018, an average of 52% of all website visits were made via mobile. It is logical that Bulgaria Phone Number Google rewards you for this. The conversion rate on desktop, in this case, is quite decent compared to the share of desktop users.

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An important sign to look at the mobile Bulgaria Phone Number version of your site. Causes of lower mobile conversion rate A lower mobile conversion rate can have various causes. It may have to do with the different behavior of a mobile user (for example, due to the faster navigation, better overview and other user conveniences that desktop offers compared to mobile). If the Bulgaria Phone Number difference is as big as here and the mobile conversions are at 0, you should definitely also look at the technology.

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In this case, it is due to the lack of an option to upload your resume on mobile. The website asks the user to upload a PDF, but this is not always possible on a mobile device. You can solve this by, for example, giving the option to link your LinkedIn page as a resume to the application. Acquisition The acquisition report gives you more information about your Bulgaria Phone Number communication channels and the number of users visiting your website from here.


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