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You must therefore be able to provide an offer (computer graphics, white paper, guide, etc.) to send to your prospects in exchange for their contact details. Everything you need to know about industrial websites . Use call-to-actions A call-to-action is a button inserted in a strategic place that encourages the visitor to take the next step. These buttons must be attractive in order to arouse the interest and curiosity of visitors. The goal is to convert these visitors into leads. Here is an example on the blog of the Nile agency, a Call-to-Action which invites the visitor to download a guide.

CTA-lead-generation Call-to-actions will redirect visitors to a landing page. 2. Create landing pages. As stated above, the visitor who clicks on a call-to-action Finland Phone Number List will arrive on the linked destination page (also called the landing page ). The purpose of this landing page is to describe the content of the offer, what would be the advantages of downloading it and the procedure to follow to obtain the content. Attention, the landing page must NOT contain the menu of your site! Why ? The goal is to keep the visitor on your site and encourage him to download your offer (to ultimately retrieve his contact details).

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If you leave the menu on this landing page, the visitor can click on another link at any time and therefore not download your content. Removing the menu encourages the visitor to download your offer. Example of a landing page , still from the Nile Agency blog 3. Get your industry leads to leave their contact information with forms As you can see on the example above devoted to landing pages, the visitor is confronted with filling out a form to be able to download the softly he desires. One of the most important elements at this stage is to choose the elements requested according to the importance of the offer to be downloaded.


For example, if you offer a simple infographic, you will not ask for too much personal and professional information, this could discourage your visitor. Conversely, if you offer a complete and detailed study, you can ask for a lot of information, such as the telephone number, the turnover, the number of employees… The more important your offer is to the visitor, the more they will be willing to leave their contact information. And the more you know about your leads, the easier your sales prospecting will be! Here’s how to generate leads with Inbound Marketing! 4. Thank your B2B leads with thank you pages.

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In addition to the landing page, don’t forget to redirect your new leads to a thank you page. On it, give your leads the possibility to share this offer (send to a colleague or share on social networks), and also indicate a direct download link for the downloaded offer. Don’t let your leads end up visiting your site on this page: always offer to read a related blog post, or another offer to download. The longer your leads stay on your site, the more you can learn about them! Within the Nile agency, we can follow the behavior of our leads with  the HubSpot software : which pages are visited, which links are clicked, …

This information is crucial during telephone prospecting: the more you will know about your leads, the easier  the commercial part will be ! 5. Always send a thank you email to your leads This step is important for two reasons: your leads will have the impression of being pampered , you follow them from the beginning to the end of their journey on your site, remember to make the offer accessible from this thank you email – also called a follow-up email – so that your leads can retrieve your offer at any time from this email.

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