Short sentences

But if you ask the customer: why do your Sweden Phone Number want a carport? Then come completely different answers, such as never scratching in the winter or no more falling leaves on the car. Speak the target audience’s language and communicate what they are really looking for. You can ask your website visitors a poll or question for free via the Hotjar tool , so just try it out on your website. It’s easier Sweden Phone Number than you think. Start with the functionality The pyramid of Eisenbergen has 6 stages.

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Be careful with jargon

From functional: the functional properties Sweden Phone Number of the website, to persuasive: convincing the customer to buy your product. conversion optimization According to Stefan, a common mistake is that people often start at the top. For example, the color of a button is changed, while the Sweden Phone Number button doesn’t even work. So always start with functionality. Test whether all functions work and do not limit yourself to 1 browser and 1 device. Is something not working?

Make It Concrete

Then you solve that first and then you can Sweden Phone Number only go one step up in the pyramid. Testing A and B A/B testing is outdated according to Steen Rasmussen of IIH Nordic. Why would you show option A if person x Sweden Phone Number chose option B? He compares it to plums and apricots. One likes plums, so give them a plum. The other likes apricots better, so you give them an apricot. Does the person like a bit of both? Then you give a mix. You should do the same with your website.


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