Sell ​​your Professional Services With Your Blog

Today technology has put the world to advance in the blink of an eye, even more so after the pandemic. For this reason it is essential that your business adapts to it and marches to the rhythm of this digital age .

Today I am going to show you 10 virtues that you USA Phone Number should take advantage of one of the tools that I like to use the most in my work. The blog is the ideal strategy to sell your professional

services to your potential client (in fact, it is one of my main sales tools).

Today it is possible that your business is within reach of a click. Let’s start!

Make your blog act like a magnet directed at your potential customers


1. A blog helps you get to the top of Google.

A blog is the best way to boost traffic on your website, and thanks to your blog you position yourself in the top places in Google, and with the largest number of search terms possible.

Moreover, unlike a more technical SEO (positioning), which today does not work much, a blog article can be positioned for years (believe me, I have articles from 10 years ago that are still coming out in the first positions! !)

(If you want to know how to position your blog easily, you can read the most read article on my blog: SEO for beginners: The keys to achieving good Google positioning )

Being positioned like this in Google:

USA Phone Number

2. It helps you reach the largest number of potential customers.

And being in Google is not anodyne for those of us who sell professional services. Since our services are based on information, and therefore many of our potential clients are looking for information to solve their problems. Writing for your potential clients helps you to be found by them.

With my experience in the world of marketing. I can assure you that a blog makes your brand known and therefore people become familiar with you.

For example, if you are a management systems consultant, a client of yours may be searching for “How to reduce the production costs of my company”, if you are an accountant, a client of yours may be searching for “How to do my taxes with the new tax rule XXX ” and if you are a productivity coach, a client of yours may be searching for “How to organize my work hours”.

(Tip: Of course there are strategies so that this type of article does not get lost in the mass, being a little more specific, be it at the niche, topic or locality level;)

Make your blog connect and build trust


3. A blog engages your audience and builds loyalty.

The more valuable information you expose on your blog, the more. loyalty you will develop among your readers. Which means that they will visit your blog constantly to see it. This means that you will have an engaged audience eager to know more.

But beware, it is fruitful as long as you keep nurturing your blog. It is not necessary that it contain

excessive content, the important thing here is that

you know how to use the keywords and the precise content that your ideal clients need to know.

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