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Within this top 10. We find marketers and companies in Nepal phone number this sector. Eshowbcn18 trending topic during the first day of the event. The official eshow hashtag was trending topic in barcelona. Bilbao. Las palmas. Madrid. Murcia. Palma and zaragoza Nepal phone number. In the case of trends in barcelona. It ranked first from 12:00 to 15:15. When the largest number of tweets were published . As for the trends in spain. It was placed below the top 6 on the same day (even reaching the top 3). From 10:50 to 18:30. Half an hour before the end of the event. The hashtags of the event in addition to Nepal phone number tweeting with the hashtag eshowbcn18.

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We observe that the day  before the event and from the 12th. The number of retweets is greater than the number of tweets. However. We found that during the first day of the event. On april 11 Nepal phone number. The tweets take center stage . Reaching a total of 421. Eshow Nepal phone number barcelona looking at the numbers of tweets per hour . We see that the “golden minute” occurred during the first day of the event. On the 11th at 11:12 the highest number of tweets / minute was reached . A total of 9. This is because it was the first hours of the event and the moment when most people began to arrive at the venue and talk. In social networks about the digital marketing event. Eshow barcelona top 10 most retweeted Nepal phone number users with a total of 236 retweets.

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The eshow profile ( shows ) is in the top 1 of most retweeted Nepal phone number users. Who are in the top 10? Eshow barcelona below the eshow profile. We find marketers. Media and companies from the marketing . Ecommerce and technology sectors. Users with more followers it is always important that influencers or people with many followers share your content. So it is always Nepal phone number important to have quality content. Here we leave you a list with the top 10 users with the most followers : eshow barcelona in the first place. With more than 360.000 followers. We have marketing directo Nepal phone number ( mkdirecto ). The leading portal for information on marketing. Advertising. Media and new technologies. As we said before. It is always important that profiles with so many followers share our content in order to achieve a greater reach.



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