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Customers who are equal also want to be treat Bahamas Phone Number in the same way. In the scientific literature, a distinction is make between 3 forms of justice. Social justice, distributive skill and procedural skill. Social justice means equal monks, equal hoods. If my neighbor Bahamas Phone Number gets a 15% discount, I don’t think it’s fair if I don’t get that discount. Whether or not I did the same for it.

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Social justice is a fairly abstract concept, which Bahamas Phone Number makes it difficult to give an unambiguous definition. There are also situations where we feel that the proceeds should be divide according to the performance someone has made. So if one person has worked harder for it than another, he may also receive a greater reward. Distributive Justice In distributive Bahamas Phone Number justice, people compare themselves to others in terms of the effort they put into their work and the outcomes they get for it.

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The lack of distributive justice can lead Bahamas Phone Number to very negative emotional reactions. For example, that of an employee who hears that he is paid less than his colleague while they both work equally hard. Procedural Justice Finally, procedural fairness is about how the proceeds earned are distribut. This mainly focuses on the procedure for assessing Bahamas Phone Number whether something is (un)justified. For example, the extent to which someone has or has not had a say in the procedure to arrive at a decision.


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