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On several diverse and varied functions and often in areas that are not their cup of tea. Since the creation of the Digital Swing agency in 2011, we have been able to Poland Phone Number List collaborate with a good number of entrepreneurs in different fields. During our discussions, one subject emerged almost systematically: their organizational problem due to the multidisciplinary aspect of their new role as company manager. So how do you cope? How not to lose footing? We can tell you that ORGANIZATION is one of the keys to success. To-do-list, calendar, ephemeris, planning, back-planning… all these methods are deemed to be effective, but do you know mind mapping ?

What is mind mapping? The mind mapping allows you to create a map of your thoughts. As if you were projecting your thoughts onto a piece of paper while organizing and linking them together. Everything becomes clear and it is then easy to prioritize your tasks. But this picture will speak to you better. This is what a mind mapping map can look like: Mind mapping allows you to map your thinking The mind mapping methodology is simple Place your subject / objective in the center of your sheet. List your ideas all around then prioritize them while creating relationships between the branches.

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Also use colors, pictograms and anything that will allow you to quickly and visually read your mind map. The advantages of mind mapping are numerous This form of presentation effectively allows you to: Visualize and structure your project as a whole. Order your ideas. Find new leads. Identify priority and important items. Brainstorm effectively with your employees. Identify the flaws, the gaps but also the strengths of your strategies. Mind mapping applies perfectly to all areas This method can be extremely effective in almost all areas such as the preparation of a particular event, a meeting, a presentation, a training …


You can also prepare your future projects. For example, your specifications for the creation or redesign of your website. You can structure your communication strategy by placing your main objective at the center and around. Your communication channels, their characteristics … You can set up an organization chart by priority of tasks or by person in charge … You can start from one situation and consider several scenarios. This applies perfectly to the preparation of a sales prospecting speech. You can build the skeleton of a future infographic or the outline of an article to share on your site or on your social networks.

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Our selection of online tools for your mindmapping Mindmeister : The best known. From € 6.50 per month. In French. Cacoo : Offers a freemium version for 25 cards maximum. In French. Coggle : Offers a freemium version. In French. Mindomo : Offers a freemium version for a maximum of 3 cards. In French. Framindmap : Free and in French. Mind42 : Simple and no frills, it offers the possibility of creating a mind map in collaborative mode and in real time. Free. First of all, this method is to be tested. And even if you are not completely satisfied with a mindmap on its own.

Adobe provides Internet users with a completely free tool: Spark , to create unique images, videos, and web pages. spark Spark post, to personalize your images Spark Post allows you to personalize pre-recorded illustrations or personal images. The application offers pre-defined formats, incorporating the most frequent dimensions on social networks. Then, it’s up to you to choose an illustration (personal or already present), insert your text and optimize the rendering thanks to the filters and other options at your disposal. A simple, efficient and fast way to create unique images.

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