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You will benefit from a tool for analyzing your impact. Also note that at Elegant theme we offer more than a hundred different and customizable designs for your pop-up. What to look after your brand image in addition to being effective. Social Share and Locker Pro $ 18 investment for  full use of the tool. You can choose one or more target networks from the proposed quarantine. Practical and complete, you can select your templates among the ten offered. social share and locker Opt-In Content Locker Focused on mailing, this $ 15 plug-in will be used to fill in your file of email addresses.

The reader must register / log in to access your content. It is compatible with several CRMs, such as Mailchimp, Sendy, Mymail… which will allow you to save time Bahrain Phone Numbers List by directly enriching your databases at the source. It also offers a statistical analysis tool. Super Social Content Locker For $ 20 you will have a very complete tool in its proposals. You can ask your readers to like and share but also to subscribe, vote, watch a video or completely fill out a form in order to unlock content. Our selection of free content lockers Before presenting our favorite, here is our little list of free plugins.

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Facebook Content Locker This plug-in only targets Facebook. You will only reveal your pages, in whole or in part, if your user clicks on “Like”. fb content locker Real Content Locker Your reader will access the content provided they share it on Facebook and / or Twitter and / or Google+. real content Share on Social It’s all in the name! This extension requires sharing on Facebook or Google+ to be able to access private content. Efficient and fuss-free. You want to block your content, this application will do it. No more no less. It works with the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ networks.


Our favorite See our favorite plug-in To see our favorite Social locker, Like our Facebook page or share this article. It only costs you one click! Like us Tweet to summarize As part of a global strategy, to boost your visibility on social networks, we recommend that you use these Content Lockers in a reasoned manner. Keep in mind that social networks and Facebook in mind don’t really like being forced to Like or share. However, sparingly and above all intelligence, you can go there. Remember also that in daily use of the Internet, everyone is used to finding (more or less quickly) free answers to their questions.

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Today, the mass of information is such that it is polluted with inferior content. And finding a qualitative answer is sometimes a challenge and requires multiple sources. If your resource offers your reader all the answers to their questions (and more) then it is quite possible to charge “for” access. Here, the price would be an email address or a share. An acceptable and beneficial offer for each party. Do you already use this kind of plugins? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. close management of your contact lists the ability to send emails Follow-up of the actions carried out Setting up and managing forms, such as download forms, for example.

Vertically, it offers more dynamism and inspires confidence and grandeur. Diamond The diamond : its aggressive tips are suitable for male products, but soften them and it will be perfect for female products, even for the world of childhood. Vertically, it represents femininity, life and protection. It also symbolizes synergy and partnership. Good communication requires a thoughtful choice of colors. First, it is recommended, to keep a certain consistency, to only use a maximum of 2 colors for your logo (exceptionally 3). Of course, this rule is not fixed and in creative circles it is not rare to see the use of more than 3 colors without this being shocking, on the contrary.

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