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Make yourself known on the web Participate in discussions on blogs, forums, Q&A platforms and social media. Talk about your site if it adds value to the discussion. Do it in a natural way and don’t overdo it with messages Mexico Phone Number List that might sound like advertising. If you can, link to your site in your posts, but again, do so only if it adds any value to the discussion. Ask your connections to talk about you You probably have people who have a website, blog, or social media page. You can ask them to talk about your site and share it on their pages. Obviously, the larger the audience for these contacts, the more interesting it is for you.

Conclusion These few simple actions will allow your site to ensure a minimal but vital presence on the internet and generate its first visits. To go further in SEO for your site and get more traffic, you will need to define an effective SEO and content strategy . The first step towards the implementation of this strategy is the SEO audit , which will allow you to obtain: the definition of your personas , what they expect, and the keywords they are looking for an analysis of your competitors’ SEO strategy an analysis of your existing pages and content , and what can be done to improve them for better SEO the guidelines and actions to be implemented on your site.

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Contact us if you need help setting up a content strategy, improving your positioning and driving more traffic to your site . To get started in SEO, we advise you to read: “ Google referencing: Special user manual for beginners in SEO ” by Olivier Andrieu, expert consultant in SEO. With simple words, precise and detailed step by step, you will learn what SEO is and how to optimize your site for Google without spending a dime in just 4 steps. “ 7 techniques to develop your natural referencing ” by Dimitri Carlet, SEO expert. If you want to develop an online business and you have not yet bet on SEO, this book will give you the actions to increase your visibility. If you follow one of these links and buy a book, we earn a commission.


Among the frequent uses of this type of media, we can list: Present your business and services Promote a product Spread news about your business Share your expertise Humanize your brand Where to find royalty-free music But this marketing lever, in order to function, needs a sound design, the function of which should not be underestimated. The music creates an atmosphere, catches the audience, fills in the blanks when the voiceover is silent and above all, it arouses emotion in your viewer. And as you know, emotion is often the trigger for conversion. It is important to choose your background sound with just as much attention as you paid to the creation of your video.

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To meet growing demand, we are therefore presenting a selection of sites where you can find music to dress up your videos . Even if these sound backgrounds are accessible, some are subject to specific conditions of use. These are specified each time on the sites. Youtube Audio Library Free You must have a youtube account to access this service. Free Music for Commercial Use Free Some small items to find and use freely on this Youtube channel. Jukedeck Paying Where to find royalty-free music This site allows you to directly find the music you are looking for thanks to a very intuitive tool.

You choose the genre, mood, duration, dominant instruments and tempo. At the end of the line Free On this blog you can search for music by genre, by mood (dramatic, romantic, calm…) or by type of license. This last very practical option will save you time. Far from only referencing music without flavor, this blog also presents very human productions such as French song with text. Musicsreen Paid You select your music and then buy the right to use it. Bensound Free English site Freemusicplay Paid This site has a search engine. Prices and usage fees vary depending on the intended use of the music.

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