Ratio Between New Users And Recurring Users

Start by following these steps. Determine the purpose of the dashboard: who will use it and how? Objective: for a given objective, you will choose the KPIs directly related to the progress towards it. To be effective, this goal must Brazil Phone Number List be SMART. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and temporally defined) Update frequency: how often are the changes to the indicators meaningful and how often is the interpretation relevant? Technical solution: a simple and intuitive interface will be a plus in your reporting actions. Data sources: where and how will you collect the necessary data? Representation: what is the most suitable form or format for data analysis? rate, ratio, percentage, progression curve, diagram, histogram, color …

Our advice for a successful dashboard Choose indicators that make sense and that trigger targeted actions. Remember that the purpose of reporting is to facilitate decision making. Limit the number of KPIs to optimize the readability and visibility of your reporting. The hierarchy of metrics should be reflected in the visual hierarchy of your reports. Dashboards, to be effective, must be consistent in their visual organization. Spend more time analyzing your reports than building them. To save time and avoid repetitive and time-consuming actions, it is important to think about automating this task. For example, by linking your.

Growth Rate Of A Mailing List

In the SEO section click on Tools Yoast tools Then click on File Editor Google SEO Free Yoast File Editor Enter the following lines in the part concerning the Robots.txt file: User-Agent: * Disallow: Free Google SEO Yoast Robots.txt Then click on Save changes to the robots.txt file Create a sitemap A “sitemap” file allows search engines to know the structure and layout of the pages of your site, and thus to browse and reference it more effectively. example sitemap, here again, it is the WordPress “Yoast SEO” plugin that will help us. In the SEO section click on XML Sitemaps Google SEO Free Yoast sitemaps.


Then activate the XML sitemap feature Google SEO Free Yoast activate sitemap. Click on Save Changes Once the changes are saved, a link to the sitemap file appears. Right click on the link and click Copy link address and set it aside (by pasting it into a text document for example), it will be useful later. Google SEO Free Yoast sitemap file Add your site to Search Console Search Console is one of the fundamental Google tools for website owners. In addition to the possibility of obtaining valuable information on how Google browses your site (we will not detail this aspect in this article), it is thanks to this tool that you will be able to indicate to Google where the sitemap of your site is.

To Build An Effective Kpi Dashboard

Site and thus improve the referencing of its pages. Go to Then click on Add a property SEO Google Free Search console add property Enter your site address and click Add Google SEO Free search console enter property In the Other methods tab , choose HTML tag Copy the code in quotes after content = SEO search console validation code From the WordPress administration interface, go to SEO> Dashboard then in the Tools for webmasters tab Paste the code in the Google Search Console field Click on Save changes to save the changes Then return to the search console where you left it and click on Validate so that Google considers that you are the owner of the site.

Validate the sitemap in Search Console To tell Google how to efficiently crawl the pages of your site, we’re going to tell it where your sitemap file is located. From the Search Console interface, go to the Exploration> Sitemaps section Click on ADD / TEST A SITEMAP SEO search console add a sitemap Copy and paste the address of the sitemap file previously set aside (indicate only the name of the file, the start of the address is automatically filled in) referencing address sitemap Click on Submit Create relevant social media pages In the same way, create pages and profiles on all the social networks that are important for your business.

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