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The first solution is used when there is a need for advanced functionality and very extensive customization. Like haute couture, it takes more work and therefore a budget. In the second case, the agency will use a CMS. It is a pre-existing structure which allows to obtain an optimal result in a short period of time. With a CMS, the site management functions and its various modules already exist. The web agency integrates them and adapts them to the needs of the client. Currently, 23% of sites are made with WordPress , the most popular CMS. And it is not necessarily a question of small budget or ease, far from it.

When using a CMS, there are two options: Use an existing theme (graphics and layout) without actually making any changes.
You will get a site in a short time Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List but its design will be little personalized. The fonts, colors, and images will be adapted to your graphic charter, but the personalization will stop there. This solution is suitable if you need a basic “showcase” site, or if you have a small budget. Create a theme from A to Z. This is the preferred solution if you need advanced customization of your site. And if you want to highlight a strong brand image. All the elements of the site are made. In such a way as to immerse visitors in the universe of your brand.

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Your expectations regarding the site’s ability to evolve must also be taken into account. Do you need a dynamic site, where you can edit the content as you wish, post blog posts, or highlight your upcoming events. Or is a static site enough for you? All these variations will influence the budget to create your website. Contents The editorial content of a website can be: Provided by the client. entrusted to a web editor. written by the agency. You must ask yourself the question of editorial content very early in the project, because well-written texts, adapted to your target and to the medium that is the website, will allow you to be more convincing.


Message, vocabulary, lexical field…At this point, your provider can start talking to you about SEO, but we’ll talk about that later in this article. The same goes for visual content (photographs, illustrations, videos): do you provide them or do you entrust this task to your agency? For a website to stand out, it is wise to favor original creations. Using generic photos is great if you’re on a budget, but it will undoubtedly give a little personalized look that could hurt your branding image. It is preferable to turn to at least original photos, less widespread, and often accessible at a reasonable cost.

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The ideal being of course visuals featuring the people, premises, and products of the company … Optional features on a website For a website creation, the ideal web agency will establish a quote detailing all the features of your future site, and advise you on those that are most important. You will be able to choose from a set of optional features in full knowledge of the facts and thus control the budget for the creation of your website. Among the most common features we can mention: Responsive design (site that adapts to different media and screen sizes: computers, tablets, mobiles).

Blog Secure online payment Forum Testimonials / guestbook Contact module. Subscribe to a newsletter Quotation form Portfolio News dissemination Secure member area Secure customer area Site traffic statistics Slideshow. Multilanguage version Appointment booking form and schedule Product comparator Referencing (SEO) optimization. Being well placed on the search engines will give your activity significant visibility. Therefore a significant number of visits and therefore more business opportunities. The more visible you are, the more profitable your site will be (although other factors come into play). The number of visits being the main indicator of the success of a website.

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