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Therefore, Instagram has become the social community par excellence. Statista points out in its reports that this social community has 1,000 million users worldwide, according to facts collected in April 2019. Although it has not but passed Facebook, growth expectations are very excessive and make it an high-quality useful resource to reinforce the visibility of any enterprise. How to do it? Through Instagram Ads! Since 2015 it’s been possible to attract ability clients at the social community through commercials , and every day it is exploited by businesses from many distinct sectors: decoration, food, fashion, training, communique, and many others. Currently,

it has 25 million business profiles, a figure that shows that for many it’s miles a fantastic choice for his or her advertisements to reach a massive quantity of human beings. Today, the social network additionally permits in-app purchases with Instagram Shopping . In this manual we are going to teach you in a clear and easy manner the way to start advertising on this social network! >> Do you need to opt for aid for . Therefore, The digitization of agencies? More data << How does advertising on Instagram work? Instagram has a news section for each user, where the images shared by the accounts they follow appear. It is in that section where the ads will appear.

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What does it depend on whether some ads or others come out? The appearance of some ads or others varies depending on the activity of each account . Being selected as a target audience Brazil phone number for any advertisement depends on the trail each user leaves on Instagram, Facebook, third-party applications, and even on other previously visited web pages. To differentiate Instagram ads from other posts, they have a label that indicates that it is advertising, placed at the top of the image, so that it can be easily recognized. How-to-advertise-instagram-ads Types of advertising on Instagram Making ads on Instagram is not difficult.

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The most complicated thing is to make effective ads, capable of reaching the preferred target . To achieve this, you need to know all the types of advertising that this social network allows you to do: advertising through an image, video, carousel, story, presentation or collection. Next, we explain the different types of advertising on Instagram : 1. Image : It is the simplest Instagram ad . It consists of an image that can contain text as long as it occupies less than 20% of the total image. It can be square or horizontal, at the advertiser’s choice. Types-advertising-instagram-ads 2. Video : Videos are another option to

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Therefore, advertise on Instagram. Currently, the social network only allows . The publication of 60-second videos . These ads can be square or landscape. Ads-video-instagram-ads 3. Carousel : For the most creative advertisers, there is the carousel format, a format that allows the user to . Therefore, Show up to 10 photos or videos in a single ad . It is a format that has the objective of counting, for example; the history or philosophy of a company/brand, the process of making a product, etc. Carousel-instagram-example-timp 5.Stories : Instagram stories have become a true addiction for many users. Few are those who do not review them constantly! Did you know that you can take advantage of this trend to publicize your brand? Currently, you can advertise on Instagram stories , both in image and video format (15 seconds).  Therefore, These ads are shown to users who are viewing the stories of

the accounts they follow, and they don’t only last 24 hours, the time will depend on the budget and ad settings. Advertising-instagram-stories-san-miguel 6. Presentation : The advertisement in the form of a presentation consists of a video made up of images . This ad can be dynamic, have music and . Therefore, Take advantage of the different filters offered by the social network. Presentation-ads-instagram-ads 7. Collection : They are very complete advertisements. They allow users to view different products of a company . To be able to make this type of ads, you need to create a it to Facebook. Ad-collection-

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