Poland Phone Number Fans soared by 2000W, overwhelming Douyin, and New Oriental’s ambition is not only to become the “top stream” of live broadcast

Left is a screenshot from mid-June, right is a recent screenshot. Poland phone number  On July 8, “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life” started its first live broadcast with goods. Different from “Oriental Selection”, which lasts for more than 16 hours from 7:00 a.m. to early morning, the average live broadcast duration of “Oriental Selection for Beautiful Life” is only nearly 4 hours.

According to the data of Grey Dolphin, it has launched 10

Live broadcasts in the past 30 days, with a total sales of 776W. Even if the outside world agrees that “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life” is the signal of New Oriental’s entry into the beauty industry, but for now, among the goods brought by “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life”, Poland phone number  household kitchenware accounts for 30.43%, while beauty and personal care products account for 30.43%. Class accounted for 26.09%.

That is to say, “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life”May not only focus on the beauty track. It is worth noting that the anchors of “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life” and “Oriental Selection” are almost the same wave. The anchors such as Dundun and Jesse appear in the live broadcast room in turn to carry out “bilingual delivery”.

It’s just that some of the anchors who came over

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

Accidentally rolled over their cars in the live broadcast room of “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life”. Perhaps because they are not familiar with the products sold, the anchors Jesse and Daqi experienced a lag when explaining a certain brand of sanitary napkins, and even an oolong explanation of “10 pieces a day, more than 150 pieces can be used continuously for half a month”.

So far, New Oriental’s matrix accounts have Poland phone number  collected Oriental Selection, Oriental Selection Books, Oriental Selection Beautiful Life, New Oriental Live Room, Dongfang Selection Self-operated Products, etc. The categories of goods brought mainly include food department stores, books and entertainment, living kitchen utensils and a small amount of mothers. baby toys.

Except for “Oriental Selection”, the number of fans of other matrix accounts hovers around 320W at the highest. The newly-operated “Oriental Selection Beautiful Life” currently has 42W fans, with an average daily increase of 1W+. At the same time, we also saw a number of new anchor faces in the New Oriental live broadcast room. However, some fans did not buy into the new anchor.


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