What Is Data Storytelling? Plus 5 Great Examples

Storytelling is the watchword of content marketing. To communicate with humans on an emotional level. You should tell stories using the same techniques we all grew up using. We learn from stories at an early age.And there is a practical approach South Africa WhatsApp Number List. Adopt in your content marketing. Read more about it at .Marketing week or smart insights. Additionally, linkedin created an infographic to track the rise of .Storytelling in marketing using data. Data storytelling is the art of telling a brand’s story using .Data visualizations, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Your brand story should resonate with your audience

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at Brand Storytelling. It’s about finding a story that resonates with your audience, where your audience is the hero and your brand is just a big player in the story. To prove it, here’s just one South Africa WhatsApp Number List a relationship that Google happens to play in. You can tell your story using text, infographics, slideshows, or other formats. Most content marketing consists of written words. With over 2 million daily blog posts published on WordPress.com alone (seriously, check out this counter), you need to be able to stand out from the crowd not only. According to this article from Time Magazine, each blog post only grabs an average person’s attention for about 15 seconds.


Looking for audience segments to create stories?

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Let me share this example with you. Spotify’s business model is to charge a subscription fee for access to a global music library. Its story might be about what music you should listen to. However, this is a data business where algorithms track taste and usage to make recommendations to users and help them enjoy the experience of being a customer. South Africa WhatsApp Number List data, Spotify uses its Spotify Insights blog to tell the story of how people use Spotify and what they listen to in different situations. It could have written it as an article, but it uses data visualization and interactivity to create a more engaging story. Check out student.withspotify.com to see statistics related to Spotify users at different US universities.



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