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The following describes how to use GTM to set up event tracking. To do this, you need to enable some built-in variables in the page, click, and form. If you configure GTM, Photo Editing Services these are not enabled by default. Therefore, before you start, go to the variable and check the following options: Built-in variable tag manager Tracking form events You can use form submission tracking to monitor when a visitor submits a form on your website. This may be the contact form on the contact page or the contact form in the footer of the page. Photo Editing Services This is a good way to understand TagManager, as almost every website has a form. Setting up event

Tracking using GTM Photo Editing Services is relatively easy,

As you can use tags that are already built into the gtm interface. A basic knowledge of html code can be helpful, but this guide will explain everything you need to know. Please do not worry. It’s impossible to break a website using tag manager, and you can test everything before publishing your tags. Let’s do this! Step 1—identify the url make a note of the url of the form. Haram internet google tag manager if you have a form on multiple pages, Photo Editing Services such as the footer query form, you need to know the domain. This example uses . step 2: identify the form id find the form id of the submit button. If you are using google chrome or firefox, Photo Editing Services you can do this by right-clicking on the form and selecting inspect element. You need to look for the

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Id Attribute in Form. Photo Editing Services Here’s an Example of What This

Looks like:form id inspection element tip : you can search for things by pressing ctrl + f in the inspector. Note : if your form does not have a unique id, you may need to ask the developer to add one. however, if your website uses a form plugin such as word press contact form 7, you can add your own id. Photo Editing Services step 3 — create a trigger in gtm, create a new trigger and give it a title so that you can easily identify it later. Something like “submit inquiry form” or “submit inquiry page form” is sufficient. Under select event, select submit form. Photo Editing Services Contact form submission trigger click continue and check wait for tags and confirm validation to verify that the trigger fires when the (valid) form is This is a good way to understand TagManager, as almost every website has a form. Setting up event tracking using GTM is relatively easy,

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