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To the main details: – be careful with “phishings” . Fake sites with a layout similar to hotmart! In fact. Many may aim to trick users into stealing passwords. If you notice this fraud. Do not inform your data and leave this site immediately. – never try to login to hotmart if you do not see the certificate of authenticity . As highlighted in the image below. – never use fragile and easy-to-memorize passwords . Both in your hotmart account and in your email. – leave your antivirus always active . Especially when you have your payment systems open. By following these tips.

You protect your data and still avoid possible unforeseen events. Where do your buyers come from? Learn to identify your sales through src with the src parameter. You. The affiliate. Can closely monitor the origin of your sales. Check out the news that have been released. 07/22/2015 by leonardo reading time 3 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp image showing hotmart’s new src hello hotmarters! Identifying which ads. Content and channels give the most return is critical to the success of the affiliate strategy. After all. Only with this data is it possible to optimize your actions.

How Do You Know

Which ad has converted the most. Which site has made Honduras cell phone numbers the most buyers. Or which keywords have given the most results? Hotmart offers affiliates a simple campaign identification tool: the src. It works in a simple way and is a mandatory item in the strategies of our most experienced users. To use hotmart’s src. Simply add the following term to the hotlink disclosure: ? If you make 2 ads on a blog and you want to know which one generates more sales. With the help of src you can easily identify all campaigns. In this way. You can see. In the sales by origin report.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Which of the ads generated the most sales. Don’t know how to enter the src? Find out how to know where your sales are coming from. What’s new at src? As stated earlier. The src is already a tool widely used by our users. For this reason. We have implemented some new features. Are they: 1- we extend up to 30 characters in the src code now. You can be more detailed when entering code to the src. There is no longer any need to significantly shorten the ad or campaign name. In this way. Identifying which ad is in hotmart reports is easier.

Since It Is No Longer

Necessary to create so many abbreviations and codes to know which hotlink converts the most. 2- insert pipe in your src code the pipe “|” is a symbol widely used to organize data in texts. It makes organizing a lot of information easier. And with the new src. Any affiliate can enter the pipe ‘|” on your hotlink. Through the pipe. You separate your src code from the hotlink. Separating the characteristics of your ad. For example. You are advertising a craft niche product. Using google adwords and targeting the following keywords: craft course; how to make crafts; craft tutorial.

In this case. With the possibility of entering the pipe and the expansion to 30 characters. When you download the sales report. You’ll be able to separate by columns which channels and ads have the most sales. It makes it much easier to organize your hotlinks and work with the data in your excel spreadsheets. 3- how to work with src in excel? Before working with the hotlinks data. It is necessary to download this information. Just enter the platform. Go to the side menu and select “report”. Then select “sales by origin”. Source-sales platform after downloading a csv file that has pipe in its information.

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