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Data-driven creations Data-driven creations So-called ‘dynamic creations’ or ‘data-driven creations’ make it possible to link data sources directly to your Uruguay Phone Number creations. This is mainly used for display and video ads. But it is also becoming more common within DOOH (see the images below). This makes it possible, for example, to show a used Audi searcher a display ad for Audi on Marktplaats. A video advertisement when this person watches a Uruguay Phone Number car review on YouTube.

Setting Up Data Process

Dynamic display creation example Dynamic Uruguay Phone Number video creation example What adjustments in the creations? Within data-driven creations, the possibilities are almost endless, it is important to make conscious choices in this regard as well. Based on my experience, I recommend an adjustment of the creation based on the data below. Orientation vs Purchase Phase: Message orientation phase: largest stock of used cars. Separate Uruguay Phone Number ad for different locations, languages ​​or target groups: Brand: new young used Audis available every day Model: already found your ideal Audi A3?

Uruguay Phone Number List

A Fool With A Tool

A/B testing, to optimize the result: showing Uruguay Phone Number a white Audi A3 vs a black Audi A3 as image Does the use of data-driven creations actually lead to a significant improvement in results? This is the key question. For this it is important to be able to measure the impact of the digital branding channels. Of course, data also offers the solution for this. Example dynamic DOOH creation Example dynamic DOOH creation 4. Data-driven attribution Measuring is knowing. Of course everyone agrees.


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