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The constraints of the environment and above all: digital. The impact of digital in the sales cycle calls into question the path to purchase.  And even if you are present in all the points of sale in the world, if you do not ensure an online marketing strategy, your efforts will be in vain… Discover how to generate leads through your marketing strategy and succeed. We often hear our customers say that it’s complicated to be at the right time in the right place when it comes to converting their leads into customers. Until proven otherwise, we are not telepaths, so how do you know when your prospects are ready to buy your products or services? The truth is that we cannot know.

However, we can take the necessary steps to always be in the minds of our prospects so that they remember us when they make their purchase decision. Email marketing automation is Ivory Coast Phone Number List a  great tool if you’ve already started generating a fairly large number of leads on your website. Leads are people who have already shown some interest in what you do (they have filled out one of your forms) and who are therefore likely to convert into customers. Automated email marketing will help you move your leads forward in their buying journey. Because they have already shown interest in your company, your solutions, it makes sense that you want to maintain this close relationship.

To Define In Advance The Essential Criteria

The ideal is to offer them useful content that will help them in their decision-making process (eg case studies, white papers, blog posts, etc.). Thanks to the automation of your marketing emails, you can easily provide. This content without one of your salespeople having to remember that they were in contact. With the prospect a month ago and that they have to contact them again. – this is done through so-called workflows.  For example, you can register leads for a workflow that will automatically send them one of your customer case studies following the download of one of your offers on your site (ex: an introductory guide to orbital welding).


Then define a period of 14 days before sending a second email that will contain a checklist to help your leads choose the right orbital welding solutions, for example. This process of sending automatic mails can continue as long as you deem necessary. Until your goal is reached (which must be specified when creating your workflow). For example, uploading a new white paper to your site… “ Companies that integrate marketing automation into the industry increase marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline by 10%, ” according to Forrester Wave. Not only are you not identified as a spammer with your leads. They are the ones who left you their email address, remember.

And The Functionalities That You Cannot Do Without

But you also maintain a close relationship with them throughout their buying journey. . Want to learn more about marketing automation techniques in the industry? I advise you to download this kit including templates for emails and telephone messages to automate your sales prospecting. While May was synonymous with the holidays for some, for HubSpot it was a month full of announcements in terms of new releases and updates. These changes are all opportunities for sales and marketing teams to generate ever more leads within industrial companies. Now, HubSpot users will be able to: engage more customers in meaningful exchanges across different channels; stay organized and respond quickly to customer expectations with ticket processing.

Guide customers with proactive solutions like the knowledge base; develop their relationships with customers by remaining attentive to their satisfaction (NPS score). If you had to work on several platforms at the same time (Marketing, Sales, etc.). You have certainly noticed that the new navigation allows you to find all the Hubs in a single menu. So practical! Did you know ? The most used tools are at the top of each drop-down menu. So you don’t waste a second of your working day! If you’re still having trouble finding HubSpot’s various tools in this new navigation, this article should help. E-commerce in the industry is booming and HubSpot understands this.

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