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What are the most promising opportunities today in your sales pipeline? Which companies are visiting your website, and consuming content there? What type of businesses do you have access to through your current customers? The more precise your targeting, the more you will be able to offer Cyprus Mobile Number List relevant content for your targets. 4- Identify contacts to target Once you have determined your list of accounts to target, find the right people within those companies. To do this, start from your industrial buyer personas, which are the representation of your ideal customer. To help you identify these contacts within companies, your best allies are.

LinkedIn and a little elbow grease! Implementing an ABM strategy in the industry takes time, but provides an excellent return on investment. Find your questionnaire to build your buyer personas here. 5- Create very specific content The work you have already done on your buyer personas should help you understand their issues, challenges, and goals. Also take the time to discover the specifics of the specific business sector you have chosen to target. If you have chosen a vertical segmentation by sector of activity, do not hesitate to conduct a small survey of a few players in this market to get to know them better and identify some key issues that you can help them solve.

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Once you’ve identified issues specific to the accounts and personas you’ve targeted, create content to help them address them. 6- Distribute your content Distribute the content you have produced in the most targeted way possible. Avoid generic emailings, instead take the time to send this content in a personalized way to each targeted account. For that, do not hesitate to pick up your phone! Call each account to offer to send them this content for free, then send them a personalized email. 7- Analyze the results As with any marketing campaign, take the time to analyze the results of your industrial AMB strategy: how many contacts have you managed to generate? how many new customers? how much time/investment did this strategy require of you?


Take advantage of this analysis phase to readjust your strategy and extend it to other verticals or priority accounts. Discover the content from our ABM campaign with process and packaging equipment manufacturers below. We repeat it often on this blog: when you start with inbound marketing, the results are not instantaneous and it sometimes takes a little time to fill your sales pipeline. If you are looking to accelerate your growth, the latter must always be full, especially at its entrance, and it is your job as a salesperson to ensure that it is. That being said, generating new leads is not spontaneous in the industrial sector, and you need to find qualified contacts all the time.

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Here are 3 tactics that we use  almost daily in our  prospecting at Nile and that I often recommend to the sales teams with whom we work. Discover 7 tactics to start generating qualified leads and growing your business! Tactic Get family and friends involved! Your family and friends should have a quote of leads to give you every month. You probably tell yourself that in B2B, we don’t mix genres. But there are opportunities to be seized in your close entourage! The tactic is to industrialize the thing.


By involving your friends, your acquaintances from the gym, or your choir comrades that you meet every week … in a systematic way. Be sure to explain to them what you are simply doing, and ask them. If there are people in their network who could use your help. I guarantee that you will manage to generate some qualified leads if you do it correctly and systematically. Use customer references It is not a question here of simply displaying. Your client’s logo on your website like a trophy to be brandished. Nor even of occasionally asking a client to tell a particular contact about you.

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