On Missions Where Their Added Value Is Really

Concretely, we will qualify as a lead a person who has filled out a form collecting contact information on your website in order to download or access content. But you still have to trigger this action with visitors to your website. To do this, these leads converted on your website (as well as already present in your database) must be “fed” throughout their buying journey. After all, isn’t that the goal of marketing? Here’s how to convert a visitor into a lead in the industry: Perfect ! You are heading in the right direction to transform website visitors. For your site to become a valuable business tool, it must do more than attract the right audience, it must tell you exactly who that audience is.

That is to say: names, e-mails, telephone numbers, addresses… And the only way to achieve this is to request this information through a form on your website by offering, by return, added value to your visitors. To do this, your site must respect certain key steps: Offer quality content Gone are Ukraine Phone Number List  the days of “for more information please contact us”. For visitors to your website to agree to provide you with personal data, you must offer them something in return, i.e. qualitative content (ebook, search results, reports, case studies , etc.) ). To encourage them to give you valuable information about them, offer your visitors quality content to download or view online.

Your Customers Should Be Able To Buy

EXAMPLE: We know that the subject of “website redesign” was a concern of many of our visitors. We have written a white paper on the subject as well as various blog articles on the subject (example: “  Why it is time to redesign your website in BtoB  ”). Set up effective calls-to-action Once you have quality content in place, you need to let people know about it with buttons (or call-to-action). There are very few studies and analyzes in terms of CTA. It is important to carry out your own tests in order to identify the trends specific to your audience. Example CTA: Here’s how to generate leads with Inbound Marketing!


A good call-to-action is simply an attractive button that sends a strong and appealing message that makes the visitor want to know more. Often, the call-to-action includes an action verb like. Make sure you have a call-to-action on every page of your site. And if you want to take it up a notch, be sure that each page contains several calls-to-action (one for each offer) and this for each stage of your targets’ buying cycle. Optimized landing  pages _ Once the visitor has clicked on your call-to-action, he is redirected to a page where he obtains details of the offer to download in return for personal information. This is called a landing page (or landing page ).

The Way They Want To Buy, Not The Way You

After all, you have successfully brought your visitors this far, now you need to convert them. And the text that reinforces the call-to-action (that takes them to the landing page) is essential to the success of this one. Once potential leads arrive on your landing page, there should be no distractions or opportunities to exit. They are only a step away from giving you their information. Don’t let them slip away. Your page should have clear, concise text that accurately describes to your leads the offer they will get in exchange for their contact information (see example above) .

The form should not be neglected Last, but not least: you can’t ignore the lead capture form on the landing page. We recommend that you always collect basic information: name, e-mail, company name… But you must also think beyond that. Be creative. Ask questions that will give you insight into the issues your potential customer might be having and to determine if this lead is worth an immediate call. Don’t make the form too long. Only require fields that you know your potential lead will have no hesitation in giving you. Marketing automation software like HubSpot (of which we are users and partners) allows you to build a progressive profile.

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