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However, Only the L, represented by a single bar is green. This secondary color reminds us that However, there is always an innovative way of approaching things, like Google, which regularly offers innovations in its services and their uses. The space between the letters is regular and fluid, which corresponds to Google’s ambitions to make its use ever more simple, fluid, fast and efficient. The meaning of shapes, colors and typography in a logo When designing your logo. Every detail should be carefully thought out. It is therefore natural that you have to look at its shape, colors and typography.

By its meaning anchored in the collective imagination, the shape of your logo is an instantly accessible communication channel. It is commonly accepted that: black square The square : it inspires confidence by its 4 equal sides. However, It represents strength and stability. Not recommended Belize Phone Numbers List for However, creative activities, it is perfect for more formal areas such. As banking. triangle-black The triangle : by its ample base and its lines which tend towards the must. Implement your marketing strategy (SEO, social networks, blog…) The marketing team must consider salespeople as an additional campaign target.

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Positioned upside down, it takes However, on a more feminine. And more mysterious dimension, but also evokes precision. Round The circle : it represents the world, perfection and infinity. It symbolizes protection. Closed, it can make one think of confinement. It is also very easily dyed from the feminine gender. Rectangle The rectangle : horizontally, with its wide base, it reflects However, stability and calm. For free on the internet In this panel, some are more or less successful, more or less relevant, more However, or less exploitable. The sales people will process the leads while respecting the SLA (Service Level Agreement). An SLA sets expectations and provides hard numbers to measure the success of each team.


you need to know what to target. Keep in mind that your typeface is a bit like the tone of your voice: it specifies and tones your message. It is an element in its own right. Its choice should not be overlooked, and it can easily count for 50% of your logo creation time. Thick fonts: strength and power Slanted typefaces: movement, dynamism, flexibility. Thin fonts: elegance. Capital letters: institutional, prestige, seriousness, distance. Lowercase: emotional, young. Manuscript: proximity The typographies are classified into 10 large families, each one carrying meaning that you can exploit: Humanes : among the oldest typographies (15th century).

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They give an old and venerable aspect. design-a-logo (6) Garaldes : long and slender, they give a chic aspect. Their serifs give a certain class to the text. design-a-logo (5) Real : very readable, they are a reference in the editing mode. The collective unconscious, they are perfect for luxury products. Design-a-logo (4) Meaning of typographies Mechanisms : a mechanical aspect, they will give an industrial and familiar side to your logo. design-a-logo (3) Linear : sans serifs, this family is the most widespread today. Both teams use this document as a commitment to support each other, based on concrete and quantified objectives.

Sober, they represent all comers, they are neutral and convey nothing. design-a-logo (8) Incises : they evoke the writings carved in stone, and its often devoid of tiny letters. They are perfect for adding historical value to your logo. They are very present on vintage movie posters). design-a-logo (11) Scripts : giving the impression. Mushroom Calligraphic : they bring a medieval edge to your brand name. Whimsical : modern, fun and decorative, they give free rein to all associations. Design-a-logo (7) What’s else ? To be effective, your logo must stick to a series of key points.

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