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very well to current means of communication. To estimate the cost of creating a website download our free spreadsheet. Ways to make yourself visible. A strong brand image is necessarily synonymous with visibility. But beware, “high visibility” does not necessarily mean having a good image. They are two distinct things (a company can benefit from a great momentary visibility because of a scandal). For a strong image over the long term, you must take the time to set up, propagate and manage your visibility on the net. In the most natural way possible, your brand should stand out in the search engines. For this, the pages of your site must be oriented towards SEO.

Why is SEO important? 81% of Internet users consult the Internet before buying a product. (source LSA conso ) 36% of Internet users think that the companies located Sweden Phone Number List in the first search results are leaders in their field. These 2 statistics prove that for consumers, the internet is perceived as a tool in a decision-making process. And that being well positioned in the search engines reinforces credibility. You can also advertise with Google Adwords. Increasing your visibility means being there when the need arises with the consumer. What is the typical profile of your ideal candidate? Do you need a salesperson who is better at end-of-funnel or lead generation and outreach?

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With an Adwords campaign, your advertisement will appear at the right time, ie in response to a specific search. You will then only pay if the visitor clicked on your link. Optimize your web presence by following our 14 steps for an effective digital strategy . Social networks to humanize your brand More and more, companies are forging their brand image by focusing a large part of their communication on digital media. In addition to the traditional means of advertising, it is now on social networks that it is necessary to have its place. Assert yourself on social media by using a personal tone that sticks to your brand personality.


It is not necessary to be present on all networks. Pick the ones that stick with your domain and come up with a content strategy. You don’t have to be social media just to be there, you have to have something to offer. The animation of your social networks (community management) must unite your community with your brand. To do this, think about what you are going to say there (your editorial line) and how you are going to say it (photo, video, your humorous tone, your expert tone, etc.). From there, monitor your audience’s reactions and fine-tune your posts for maximum response.

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Social networks are also a perfect place to start a conversation with your community and especially to respond to it. Listening to what is being said and being responsive, these are two conditions to follow to strengthen your brand image Our recommendations : Use posting tools to post on your social networks. You can then analyze the reaction of your community based on your shares and refine your editorial line. Monitor your e-reputation. By following what people say about your brand on social networks, you will see if there is a gap between the image you want to convey and the image you perceive. If so, you may be able to rethink your action plan to adjust this.

To strengthen your brand image, be consistent and stable in your approach Your brand image is a logical whole where the elements fit together methodically. It strengthens over the long term until it turns your brand into an entity with a friendly personality. The stronger your brand image, the more it will turn your customers into regulars. Your brand will then be part of their daily life! Keep in mind that a brand identity is built step by step and, in the same way, it infiltrates the minds of consumers step by step. Once adopted, your brand becomes a traveling companion for your customers.

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